Edinburgh diners are worried by restaurant closure threats from tram works in Leith

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 5:00 pm
Princes Street Gardens has been taken over by the Underbelly festive market. Picture: Ian Georgeson

What a shame. Another business owner getting food taken off the table due to Edinburgh Council not thinking things through properly. Exactly the same as last time, the number of businesses that closed down in Leith Walk was frightening, only for the council to offer a measly £4000 to the business owners for all the disruption caused... such a slap in the face, especially for established businesses that had to close down due to no fault of their own.

Jad Rafiq

This happened the last time. I can’t believe the council has done this again! There’s homeless people everywhere, the council are always pleading poverty, but they find money for this misery.

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River Ryan

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Italian restaurant in Edinburgh could close down due to tram works despite £120,...

Such a shame if it closes as it’s a fantastic restaurant! The council are killing the city centre.

Laurissa Deans

As someone who comes from Edinburgh but has moved out, I am constantly stunned by the actions of Edinburgh Council. The last tram works drove businesses in Leith Walk into the ground and they are now repeating it. They seem unable to get to grips with the Airbnb fiasco; they seem to think Edinburgh is only a playground for tourists; their housing strategy prioritises students over residents; and then they cannot deliver basic services to their actual customers – those who live there. They are destroying the city they are there to represent.

Kim Grant

Sad that this is happening, but what a bunch of lazy gits folk are these days. Walk a bit further, those who are able, and support your locals!

Linda McMaster

Must be compensated surely! Outrageous.

Daren Tedc

Tourist overload

Being overrun by tourist hordes doesn’t tick any boxes – just ask Barcelona, says Helen Martin.

As a resident I keep hearing of the benefits to Edinburgh of the tourist industry and yet, where are the benefits to the residents who pay high council tax and receive mediocre services – unless you want a poorly paid job in the tourist industry or own your own hotel?

Diarmid Martin

I personally think the Christmas market has got as big as it needs to be now. Very little decoration on George Street this year, nothing on St Andrew Square. Why not spread it about rather than cram it all into the gardens or is the Cockburn Association stopping this as well?

Stuart Winton

It does look pretty, though, despite the fact that I hate it!

Laine Gray

Why are people so up in arms about not being able to access a single public park in the middle of winter? A quick look around the Christmas market will show it’s a hugely popular attraction. Could it be better? Sure – maybe the tender could include minimum proportions of local Edinburgh and wider Scottish stalls at the market. Look at reducing the use of the top level of the gardens, where it’s most obtrusive and has the biggest affect on the character of the city. As for Airbnb, it’s a huge problem that needs addressed – regulation, limitation and taxation are key. Look at the taxi industry – Edinburgh has avoided the worst parts of Uber through having a strong licensing regime for taxis. The council could curb Airbnb in short order with strong licensing and enforcement. Cost could easily be met by charging licensing fees.

Brian Hutchison

Good article summing up the problems – will anyone listen?

Kathleen Ferguson

So what industry is Edinburgh developing to replace tourism? Finance, energy, manufacturing? What is it?

Liz Rae

The council surveys are a joke. There was one about the West Gardens. It asked what changes people wanted to see, it didn’t have an option for no change. And they still didn’t get the answers they wanted because the results have not been published.

John Whyte

“Keeping up with other major European cities” is exactly what the council is trying to do. That is what the ridiculously lavish expenditure on a pointless tram network is about; that is what the enormously expensive and wholly unnecessary ‘beautification’ of George Street and the route from the Meadows to George Street is about; that is what the crazy plan to spend £10 million on a cycleway on Princes Street is for; that is what a super-sized Xmas Market, devoid of planning consent is about....Every one of these projects is not for the benefit of and not at the request of residents. They are intended solely for the benefit of tourists. Mostly citizens don’t want it, but as that view isn’t compatible with the stupid vanity of the council we are stuck with it.

Jon Clark