Edinburgh reacts to scenes of rubbish littering beauty spots

Litter strewn around bins in Princes Street GardensLitter strewn around bins in Princes Street Gardens
Litter strewn around bins in Princes Street Gardens
Today’s front page highlighting the amount of rubbish left at the city’s beauty spots over the Easter weekend attracted a big reader response. Here are some of your thoughts:

Debbie Dickson Millar: “Why do people continue to leave rubbish when bins are full? I realise there are not many bins, but I carry a bag to put rubbish in until I find am empty bin. I also keep a roll of bin liners in the car in case they are needed.

Henrique Cabelo: “I was walking down Queensferry Road this weekend when I saw a teenager throwing a water bottle on the walkway grass. I politely asked him to pick it up. The boy said that he would just throw it again once I turned around. Unbelievable! They are all becoming a bunch of impolite careless people!”

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May Mitchell: “Some dirty lazy middens out there. Whether or not these places have bins, take your rubbish home with you in the bag you brought it in. Take pride in our beautiful city.”

Ali Grieve: “Where are the environmental wardens? Remember those folk on £25k a year that handed out eight fines last year? This is exactly why they were employed but they do nothing.”

Candy Pumpkins: “No chance I’m taking my rubbish home. My tiny landfill bin is already rammed with all my plastic bagged-up garden waste.”

Tricia Carrick Shafie: “Some people need a lesson on recycling. The bins in my stair are disgusting. They put bin bags in the green bin which then won’t get emptied, so they’re left overflowing and making a mess. It gets ma back up, especially when they use my bin.”

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Bill Logie: “And your council tax is paying for.... wait for it..... trams.”

Drew King: “Throw-away mentality, Check out the bypass or Approach Road etc – rubbish everywhere because it’s been thrown out of car windows. Even if there were more bins in parks etc there still would be loads of litter left. If you plan to use these areas you have to be prepared to take your rubbish with you, don’t use the excuse the bins were full. If I dropped something when I was wee I got told to pick it up and I soon learned that was how it should be.”

Jemma Hill: “If you can carry it with you, you can carry it home – no excuse if bins are full to just throw it away. That just shows these people have no respect for their own surroundings.”

Paul Krol: “Edinburgh council have been cutting staff for years – and has thousands of part-time staff managed by top-heavy admin staff and more tiers of bosses than a wedding cake.”

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Paul Sha: “Taking rubbish to the dump and you get rejected for not having ID, rejected for not having the right waste spilt correctly, rejected for being in the wrong vehicle... so where else do you put your rubbish? Home bins are overflowing.”

June Gillespie: “The council are to blame. Recycling is in place but council employees hardly know how it works. However, people should be more responsible. Put your litter in a bag, tie the top. At least try to put it beside the bin. Simples.”

Graham Moffatt: “Maybe if they put bigger rubbish bins in the places mentioned, things wouldn’t be so bad.We have one tiny bin beside us at Holyrood Park. It’s always full to the gunnels.”

Ray Milne: “Absolutely no excuse for leaving your rubbish lying at your backside... just sheer laziness and ignorance.”

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Tricia Fraser: “Calton Hill was disgusting on Monday. Every bin full and overflowing. Felt ashamed as we know what our council services are like but our tourists don’t.”

Nancy Morrison: “Environmental wardens where are you? Another great scheme by the council that is obviously not working.”

Margaret Rintoul: “Lack of respect + laziness + no services = this; what do you expect? Yes people could take it home with them, that’s on the assumption they brought it from home in a bag or bought it in a shop and asked for a bag?”

Keith Spencer: Terrible. People just dump it but the council need to not just provide a lot more bins but empty them, especially in those areas, every single day!

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Grace Davidson: “Makes me so mad. Are we all children that the council refuse department have to walk behind us with a bin bag and pick up what we drop? Take some responsibility people, most of the litter should probably be put in recycling and that isn’t happening if it is in a general litter bin. And as for the risk of fire, again if you behave like a child and expect others to clean up your mess and mistakes, then you have no right using those disposible BBQs.”