Edinburgh’s Greens are talking tosh about Epic councillors – Steve Cardownie

Edinburgh council’s Greens need to play fair in dispute over new Epic group of councillors, writes Steve Cardownie.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 11:45 am
The Independent group ofcouncillors is trying to secure representation on council committees. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Tomorrow’s council meeting will determine whether or not independent councillors who have banded together to form their group, Epic, will be afforded their democratic right of representation on council committees.

The Greens have firmly nailed their colours to the mast and have declared that they will oppose such a move and have spouted a load of tosh in defence of their stance.

It would appear that they are only in favour of fairness when it applies to them. Given that they would lose seats on committees if the move goes through, they have decided to put their own interests first and their veil of championing the underdog has well and truly slipped.

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New EPIC political group on Edinburgh Council set to take seats from Greens

The Greens state that they do not need to maintain discipline by means of a whip, where members are expected to vote for the party line or face a form of discipline if they fail to do so, and that their group members are free to vote how they wish.

It will be interesting to see, therefore, how many of their members use this freedom by voting in favour of offering places on committees to the three councillors who are seeking such representation.

I suspect that there would be more chance of the devil ice-skating to his work.