Euan McGrory: Finally, a fitting use for the Tron Kirk

The Tron Kirk has been part of the Edinburgh landscape since the days when New York was still known as New Amsterdam and the Ming Dynasty ruled China.
The Tron Kirk market.  Pic: Neil HannaThe Tron Kirk market.  Pic: Neil Hanna
The Tron Kirk market. Pic: Neil Hanna

Over almost 400 years it has survived devastating fire and various attempts to have it demolished. One post-war plan, staggeringly to our modern eyes, wanted it razed to improve traffic flow in the Old Town. Since its last congregation left in the 1950s it has had various uses, including a tourist information centre, an exhibition space, a Fringe venue and a Victorian-themed market, with varying degrees of success.

The latest plans for a museum celebrating and explaining Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site status finally seems like a fitting use for the historic building. It is incredible, when you stop to think about it, that nowhere like this exists already. A single place that pulls together the story of the Old Town and the New Town in a coherent way for the benefit of visitors and locals alike.

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The eventual hope is that Lottery funding may be available to develop the museum and secure the building’s long-term future. It also fits in with the new vision of the city offering a top quality visitor experience in order to attract the highest spending tourists.