Evening News readers respond to calls for a London-style Oyster card in Edinburgh

Our report that Edinburgh City Council has been urged introduce a fully integrated London-style public transport system that allows users to start and finish their journeys with a single ticket prompted a massive response from readers. Here are just some of the views you shared with us.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 5:00 pm
A London-style Oyster card would allow users to start and end their journeys with a single ticket. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

We already have contactless which does exactly this. I haven’t used my Oyster card in London since contactless payment was introduced down there a few years back. So much easier.

Mike Begley

The new capped debit card process is perfect. It’s now used more in London than the Oyster card.

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Will you be taking advantage of a free tram ride home?

Graham Muir

Just keep it the way it is. We’ve got contactless, passes and tickets via an app! Plus, those who need a one-off journey can use cash.

Yvonne Hutchison

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Calls for London-style Oyster card system on Edinburgh's public transport

Be a great idea. And if you have credit left it never gets taken away. Use on trains as well. In London it’s almost half price tickets on bus journeys. Just have to remember to tap to get on train, tap to get off or credit does get taken away. Brilliant idea, I’m all for it.

Anita Roberts

They should watch the Channel 5 documentary Fare Dodgers: At War With The Law made in London before any decision.

Joan Haig

God, there are so many options to pay these days!

Jonathan Frater

I would also like a London- style free travel for school children up till leaving, whether 16-18.

Tony McGinley

The system could do with being more integrated, allowing you to hop on and off buses, trams and trains without having to buy a number of different tickets.

John Innes

Incompetence they didn’t in the first place. All UK bank cards now have Oyster technology built in anyway!

John Ross

Edinburgh already has the best public transport system. Why ruin it?

Philip Taylor

Best idea yet.

Christopher Keyse

‘London-style’? Was using this system 20-odd years ago in Hong Kong, called an Octopus Card.

Gavin Davidson

Ridacard is the best option.

Caroline Dalton

Does no one watch Fare Dodgers on Channel 5? It’s about the 0yster card misuse in London. The driver has no control on who doesn’t swipe and who does. They don’t have anything to do with checking cards to see if they are being misused. They rely on posses of inspectors who target buses, check the passes and then hand out fines. Thing is, if someone is willing to skip a fare costing a couple of pounds, what chance are they going to pay a £40 fine? Fares will have to go up to pay for extra inspectors.

Gordon Douglas

If somebody uses the bus they can get one bus to where they want to go, sometimes they’ll need to get two and very occasionally they’ll need to get three. However, if the council get their way there will be fewer buses going through the city centre, forcing people to make more journeys. That doesn’t sound like it’ll make public transport more attractive. The council should leave running a bus company to people who know what they’re doing and concentrate on what they’re good at – anyone know what that is?

Graham Meighan

I can’t see the need for a changes. Current fares are £1.70 for single, £4 for dayrider. So for an extra 60 pence over two rides you have a freedom of travel for a day. So it’s all about the odd journeys when a person travelling in one direction is using two services. What is the percentage of the total journeys and does it justify the implementation of changes?

Lukasz Bieda

It’s a system that works super well in other countries, like Japan.

Rozz Hepburn

We should consider free transport to reduce use of cars as certain European countries are doing. You can’t arrest climate change just by talking about it, action is needed, urgently.

Caroline Black Agnes Magoha

Free trams

Edinburgh trams announce free tram travel for Hogmanay party-goers

At least 20 Edinburgh residents, and owners of hotels at Edinburgh Park and the Airport will be made up.

John Whyte

I read it as, “We don’t need the hassle of trying to get drunk people to buy a ticket and causing altercations with conductors, so everyone just gets on for free.”

Graham Hammell

Brilliant! That’s five per cent of Embra covered. Let’s hope one doesn’t get stuck anywhere and they need a replacement bus service.

Lucien Romano

Oh super duper. Wish I could afford to go up town for Hogmanay now.

Linda Moonie

Excellent. I live in north-west Edinburgh. Will the tracks be completed in time?

Laura Walker

Great! What tram do I get to south-east Edinburgh?

Ali Bruce

Where are these trams departing from, as I am pretty sure there is a massive clean-up operation on Princes Street as it finishes, loading all the event staging and fencing out?

Alan Buchan