Fiona Duff: Reliving my innocent teen years

YOU know, I probably shouldn't mention this, but I am rather looking forward to going out on a particular night next week. In fact I am so excited that I might even put on a pair of hot pants.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 11:58 am
Updated Friday, 8th April 2016, 12:08 pm
Jackie magazine. Picture: supplied

You see I’m off to see Jackie The Musical at the King’s Theatre. Apparently it’s like a “hen do at the end of the world”, so I am taking my friend Diane who likes a good knees-up.

I can remember when my life seemed to revolve around the weekly delivery of this magazine. There were fashion tips (which went over my head), interviews with the latest dreamboat (usually David Cassidy – swoon) and, of course, all our teenage angst answered in Cathy & Claire’s problem page.

The show will be littered with hits from the 70s and who can’t resist a bit of T.Rex followed by 10cc so I imagine that singing along will be part of the show. Arlene Phillips, above, is the choreographer so the dancing will be amazing and with any luck I might pick up some tips for some moves to throw on the dance floor the next time I am close to one. To be honest I doubt that decorum will be the order of the night.

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Whatever, as the young folk say, it will take us back to those teenage years when our only real stress was how to snog properly. The magazine that we all read would undoubtedly be laughed at by my children. We were so innocent; when I look at old school photographs I just see a bunch of gumbies instead of the all-knowing looks aimed at the camera by my daughter’s friends.

But who cares. We have survived, as Gloria Gaynor suggested that we should. We can laugh at ourselves, although just in case someone laughs at me I shall leave the hot pants in the wardrobe and just wear a pair of comfortable trousers.