Fiona Duff: Swing voters living in the past

So I am sitting in London with a friend whose ex-husband is a member at Muirfield. She's rather pleased that the members have finally voted to allow women to join, although we both agree it's probably about money rather than their views on women trampling around on the hallowed turf.

Friday, 17th March 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:56 am
Muirfield has finally allowed women to become members. Picture: Jon Savage

I reminded her that after the last No vote (that’s for Muirfield not the Independence referendum), Peter Aliss was quoted as saying that if ladies wanted to play golf at this East Lothian club they should just marry someone who is a member. “If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny” said Elaine.

But the thing is when will any of us fairer sex actually be given locker keys? I believe that the waiting list is around seven years, and that’s only once you have managed to find some young codgers to propose and second your application.

Of course it’s also seen as not the done thing to ask; one has to wait to be invited. Then if you are turned down because someone objects, will the aforementioned proposer and seconders not have to fall on their 7 iron and resign?

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As it happens I don’t play golf, despite my mother giving me her set when she decided that her dodgy hips weren’t up to a good walk with a bit of a distraction. At present they are gathering dust whilst I decide if I should sell them on Gumtree.

Personally I couldn’t be bothered if these gentlemen wanted to hole themselves up in a club house in Gullane, drink G&Ts, eat roast beef and moan about how it’s a disgrace that women are allowed to run a company.

Mind you I bet they all thought Maggie Thatcher was a darn fine bird and that Theresa May is cut from the same cloth.

So Elaine and I shall just sit in one or other’s kitchen, drink cups of tea, eat cake and moan about how it’s appalling that men with that sort of attitude are still allowed to roam the land.