Fiona Duff: Websites are no laughing matter

Now here's something strange about Edinburgh folk. During August, I go to at least one show at the Fringe every day. Sometimes I see three of four. I book up tickets and get groups of friends together; I have my favourites and other times I literally stick a pin in the programme and have a surprise.

Friday, 22nd September 2017, 7:25 am

Then from October to July I can count the number of trips to theatre or concert halls on the fingers of both hands, usually only when it has been organised by someone else. It isn’t as if there’s hee haw happening – it just all seems to pass me by for some reason.

Anyway, step forward Rosalind Romer who is behind Punchline Comedy. On 14 October, she is producing a great line up at Central Hall. A couple of weeks later she will be producing her first child but that’s another story altogether.

The host is Nish Kumar, right, a comedian I have been meaning to see for the past few years, but by the time I try and book tickets he has been sold out. This year he only did one show at the Fringe; it was a last minute thing which had been and gone before it even registered on my radar. My finger is definitely not on the pulse these days.

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He’ll be joined by the seriously funny Felicity Ward and two Scottish comedians, Jamie MacDonald and Chris Bett, neither of whom I have seen before, but reviewers who have seem to rather like them. It will be good to go out and have a laugh when there seems to be so much doom and gloom in the world. There will also be a bar, which often helps in cheering us all up a bit.

Apparently I have to go to the website to book tickets and this is also new to me, although I imagine it’s how all the young ones book their nights out.

My goodness, as my mother used to say, the world just keeps changing and sometimes it is hard to keep up.

Not sure if that is a laughing matter.