Fiona Duff: You can't write off Worbey & Farrell

Right, I'm not going to name names here, mainly to protect myself. Well, that's not entirely true as I shall mention Worbey & Farrell '“ they are two incredibly talented pianists, based in Edinburgh who have been firm Fringe favourites for the past few years. I rather like them as well, whether behind a piano or in front of a bar. They are darn good company in either place.
Worbey & FarrellWorbey & Farrell
Worbey & Farrell

You may have had difficulty finding them this year as they weren’t performing in August. Instead, they decided to do a one-off concert at the Usher Hall on 30 November.

Of course it is a big deal – Edinburgh’s premier concert hall at a time of year when people aren’t used to seeing them. Not that the size of the venue really worries them – over in South Korea they often pack out halls of more than 2000 seats.

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So anyway, they realised that some professional marketing people need to be brought in, as getting a couple of 16-year-olds to hand out leaflets on the High Street wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

They approached one well known company that distributes posters but found the chap they were dealing with a tad difficult. Needless to say they decided against using him and went with another company.

Well, it seems that this didn’t do down too well at all. Who would have thought such a thing? Indeed, Worbey & Farrell didn’t until they received an email in the middle of the night from the former firm, not only being somewhat aggressive but also saying that he had actually torn some of their posters down from whence they had been hung.

At first this made me laugh – how can someone get so uptight about posters for a concert? But then they pointed out to me that they had paid good money to have this advertising material placed around town.

So if you see a scrap of paper which may have the remnants of the words ‘Worbey’, ‘Farrell’, ‘Rhapsody’ or ‘Blue’ then get to the Usher Hall as it will be a night to remember.