Four in five Scots back a ban on smoking at the school gates, a study reveals - your views online

"Just because they don’t care about their children’s lungs, I care about mine”

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 7:00 am
Polls show 80 per cent in favour of a smoking ban at school gates

Lung cancer

Four in five Scots back a ban on smoking at the school gates, a study reveals

Lorraine Blyth

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And at bus stops, outside shops and doctors.

George Shaw

I used to smoke. Glad I gave up but, hey, this is not a police state – don’t do this don’t do that .… Edinburgh seems to have laws about everything and more signs than New York. Calm down and relax, live and let live.

Debs Campbell

Yes we should. My youngest daughter has asthma and at primary we had to walk past them all, it was shocking. Just because they don’t care about their children’s lungs, I care about mine.

Jbrown JB

Outside hospital entrances - ghastly sight every time I go to the ERI.

Catacrocker Monete Ártico

It's been banned for years in Spain, as well as near the hospital entrances or kids play areas. It makes perfect sense. You want to have cancer? Have it yourself.

Peter Anderson

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I obviously know its unhealthy to smoke for smokers and non smokers. But if it’s that bad, which it is, ban it totally. But they won't and can't. Live and let live is what l say.

Anna Ross

Well, if we are going down that route, can we also ban all noxious perfumes and large cars parked or driving near people please?

David A Brown

Okay. Smoking police out at every school three times a day. Are parents going to pay to have this done? No.

Diane Combe

Definitely – ban it everywhere!

Janette Mcleod

Does that include the kids smoking in the school grounds and going to the shops for their breaks?

Margaret Alexander

What annoys me to is shop assistants standing at the shop doorway smoking while customers are having to pass by them to enter or leave the shop.

Ken Johnston

Don't know how they can enforce this. They're certainly not enforcing a ban on smoking in cars when there's under 16s in them. Or enforcing the ban on drivers of trucks smoking while driving.

Lewis McKenzie

instead, you have to go to the bike sheds with the rest of the kids that smoke at school,

Kevin O'Neal

Should ban cars there as well then...all those fumes.

Low traffic areas

Edinburgh residents rally to show their support for Spaces for People proposals

Janice McGrath

I am a driver and hate what the council has done to our lovely city. However, we need to drastically cut down on the number of cars and pollution on our streets. I do believe that roads need to be safer for cyclists and pedestrians and that kids should be able to play outside safely. How else can that be achieved? I see a lot of criticism but not many alternative ideas to achieving these goals.

Grant Aitken

Spaces for People and LTN generally have the support of most people in the Corstorphine/East Craigs area. Poorly thought through, rushed legislation with no consultation that would have kettled traffic along Craigs Road was a major mistake by the council in the first place.

Gemma Fox

These measures are not safe. Taxi companies have been providing evidence which is being ignored. There is a war against motorists in this city. It’s shocking to see and it’s putting pedestrians at even more risk.

Carol Webster

I find it hard to believe the outcome of this study. The results are clearly seen on the streets of our beautiful city, ruined by this mess - cones and bollards everywhere and traffic jams and chaos on every street!

Jean Irvine

Hope those in favour never need an ambulance/fire engine in a hurry because when the traffic has no where to go, neither do the ambulances and fire engines. Lives depend on these services and delays can cost lives.

Joan Robertson

What a nightmare is unfolding already. Traffic going so slowly in city centre due to lane reductions on George the IV Bridge. Get ready for long sits in buses because this is going to affect all of us, bus passengers and drivers. It will make the city centre hard to get through for everyone. Overpacked buses full of folk not wanting to keep their masks on.... help ma boab!

Jolcia Jolcia

Love spaces for people. I hope it will become permanent and we will have a safer city and easier to walk and cycle.​​​​