TRNSMT: Glasgow comes alive amid the pounding beat of a long anticipated festival - Hannah Brown

The weather did not dampen spirits as the festival got underwayThe weather did not dampen spirits as the festival got underway
The weather did not dampen spirits as the festival got underway
A clammy and muggy day dominates Glasgow as the beginning of the highly anticipated TRNSMT festival gets underway.

Those wearing big rain jackets and jumpers start to regret their decision as hair puffs and sweat forms on the brows of many.

But that doesn't stop the crowd of people coming alive as the beat of live music resounds in the east end air. Although a seemingly quiet start as the festival gates opened at 11am, the people of Glasgow and beyond soon put an end to that as bucket hats and satire flags created a wave of positivity on an overcast day.

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"We are getting mad wae it!", a group of gals screamed at me as they came in with their transparent bright pink ponchos, crop tops and shorts.

Hannah BrownHannah Brown
Hannah Brown

Up to 50,000 people are said to have arrived at Glasgow Green on Friday but speaking to vendors they said although the main stage was pounding, the outskirts where they had set up shop felt it was "scarily quiet."

Some Scottish artists have come out opposing TRNSMT claiming "the clue is in the name" in spreading the virus. As hospitalisation rises and covid cases remain high, no one can deny an air of unease.

Yet, a party spirit which has been ripped away from many has returned and those new to festivals are ecstatic to be here. "I've never been a festival before and I cant believe I'm finally here", a 17-year-old girl with glitter stickers and a big grin spread across her face tells me.

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"The thing is the people of Glasgow know how to party", Red Rum Club's lead singer says as I ask him about how he feels returning to the Scottish stage, "That will never be lost."

As a young Glaswegian woman, I cannot deny how happy I am to see my city filled with this positive music centric atmosphere. To experience live music again in this way is an unbelievable feeling and a pounding bass transfers from the speakers into my own heart as excitement and freedom fills the air.

But we need to not get lost as much as our hearts compel us to. Covid is still very much with us and we must act in a way that won't endanger others. Let the music and atmosphere come alive but if we can take steps to limit transmitting the virus, let's do that because I dont want to lose this atmosphere and feeling any time soon.​​​​​​​

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