Hayley Matthews: Baby chaos prep: Golf, fleek eyebrows and Simon Says

Looking after a newborn can be tiring, but it's worth every minuteLooking after a newborn can be tiring, but it's worth every minute
Looking after a newborn can be tiring, but it's worth every minute
I've had a realisation recently that very soon our life as a family will be complete and utter chaos as a baby joins us.

If you’ve never had a newborn and wonder how it feels, I suggest setting six random alarms with incredibly loud ringtones during the night and having to get up and rock your phone to sleep whilst offering a boob full of milk.

It’s exhausting, but worth every minute. I want to do some fun things before life is manic so asked our son what he fancied. Pizza and golf at Volcano Falls, Fountain Park, was the request – I was expecting him to ask for a mini trip to Ibiza.

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However golf it was with four boys which was great fun despite the rife competitiveness between them all. The boys chose the difficult course and I’m proud to say my son managed two hole in ones! That boy has a good swing on him and I’m pleased he’s not swinging his club at me for once.

Anyway the day was a massive success; the boys had lots of fun and were spoiled with pizza, chips and juice after a taxing round. I just have to apologise to the lovely Morgan who was forced into a game of “Simon Says” which involved pretending to do a pee! But the golf was a lovely indoors activity which, in this cold weather can be challenging to find entertain kids activities.

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Now, some treat time for me and all I want is to not look like one of Roald Dahl’s Twits. In other words, get my eyebrows done. Not much to ask and since nail polish, false eyelashes, make up and body lotion are all a complete no-no for a planned C-section, I decided the eyebrows were going on show. My friend is off to Florida with her family next week and was looking to get some eyelashes done for going so, instead of me organising a baby shower (it’s too much effort at this point), I decided we’d go and have a girly afternoon with some eyebrow and eyelash experts.

A friend up Bruntsfield had recommended Ora Beauty and the lovely Nadine who runs the salon booked us in to get beautified. I had the henna eyebrow tint done and it looks amazing! Also, my friend came out after me with lashes that would make Betty Boo jealous.

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We had a lovely afternoon in the salon and the highlight for me was the heated bed which I very nearly started snoring on. It’s nice to enjoy this time before baby no 2 arrives, doing things that I won’t get the chance to do for a long time.

So I’m enjoying having slick brows, freshly washed hair and clean clothes before I look like a zombie mum, smelling of milky sick with my top on inside out. There’s also the possibility that soon I’ll be walking round the supermarket completely unaware that I’m half dressed. It’s ok, it’s just sleep deprivation.

But hey, at least we’ve all had a bit of fun and pampering first. I might look a little odd, but at least my eyebrows are on fleek!

Apparently sleep deprivation has the same impact on us humans as alcohol does, so it’s no wonder parents with a newborn just want to curl up in a ball, rock back and forth, telling themselves the kids will be in college before they know it.

So, if you do one thing before entering the world of parenthood, go treat yourself if you can and have some fun with those nearest and dearest to you before you become a walking boobie bar.

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