Hayley Matthews: Baby Oryn picture perfect after my pal's photoshoot

You must be tired of my baby chat over the past few weeks but children are so special and we need to appreciate them dearly.

Jill  Garvies pictures of baby Oryn will take pride of place in the Matthews household
Jill Garvies pictures of baby Oryn will take pride of place in the Matthews household

If you have children then I’m sure you’ll know what I mean when I say they grow so fast and change in the blink of an eye. They don’t stay small for long and the memories that are made when they’re tiny are ones to be treasured. All too often do memories pop up on my Facebook showing “on this day, five years ago” and it feels like yesterday.

I don’t have any of these social media photos printed off despite my good intentions. My home is clad with black and white photos of family with only a scattering of recent family ­photos. I blame social media for ­leaving us complacent in printing and displaying our memories because why would we when they can be stored on the cloud? We’ve become lazy with pictures and cherishing memories.

I wanted desperately to do some pictures (with a professional because my four-year-old phone is slower than a week in the jail) and it needed to be someone I trusted. You can’t just have anyone handling your bubba.

I do love to support my ­fellow women and even more so those going it alone in the business world. I love hearing about fellow females ­taking on the challenge of starting a business, whilst raising a family – generally being superwomen, and nailing it!


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So to see a girl I went to Leith ­Academy with start up as a child and family photographer, I knew she’d be perfect. Jill Garvie started up Jill Garvie Photography in Musselburgh after her love of photography developed when her own children were born. She told me that she ­realised the value of these images early on and how time flies with babies.

After giving up a secure career, she worked hard and studied photography at Edinburgh College. Completing training in specialist newborn baby posing and baby safety, she then moved on to refine her skills as a newborn photographer by taking pictures for friends of their new bundles of joy.

She’s incredibly patient and I can see how her maternity sessions, baby sessions, milk bath sessions and baby bath sessions make her job one of the most enjoyable in the world. When we arrived at her studio in Bridge Street we found it incredibly cosy and clad with beautiful wraps, hats and props.

Jill laid baby Oryn on some soft wool throws whilst I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee (now a novelty in my house), and soothed him until she felt it right to do some pictures. Being a mum has clearly given Jill the skills needed to do her job with care and love.


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She’s not just a photographer, she’s a mother, businesswoman, wife and an inspiration to many women out there who have set up on their own. It also renewed my faith in going for what you want, doing a job that makes you happy and not just jumping on the 9-5 treadmill. Making it work for you and your family and doing what you’re passionate about.

Oryn was a bit of a monkey as he was not for sleeping. However, she worked around him and I actually love how he has his eyes open in some of the pictures because you can totally see his mischief and personality. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I’m forever grateful to Jill for her patience and beautiful pictures of our second son baby Oryn. They will be mounted with pride and it’s certainly got me motivated to print those special memories of my family for everyone to enjoy.