Hayley Matthews: Drivers should listen to these kids about 20mph limit

Edinburgh's 20mph mascot, The Reducer, gets the message across. Picture: Scott Louden
Edinburgh's 20mph mascot, The Reducer, gets the message across. Picture: Scott Louden
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Well done to the Royal High Primary School for their production on the “life is better at 20” road safety campaign.

I watched the video advert yesterday for the first time and it really does hit home how much safer the roads are when drivers stick to the 20mph limit.

Being an ex-pupil of the RHPS, I felt incredibly proud to see the pupils (many of whom we know and recognise) put their voices and faces to this advert, pleading with drivers to stick to 20mph and giving them plenty reasons to do so.

Road safety is so important and too many a time I shout at drivers, near the RHPS who go through the red light at Morrisons and speed up Northfield Broadway.

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Well done RHPS and headteacher Willie French! I’m hoping your advert makes an impact.

Mr French really is an absolute gem and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he and his staff have gotten behind the campaign.

I met him a few years ago after filming the school’s sports day for STV and he genuinely has a great way with the kids.

I’ve judged at the school talent night and recently attended a fundraiser they were holding in the dinner hall for a young boy with brain cancer.

The good that the school and its pupils have done recently really leads the way for how we should nurture children to be creative young people, doing their best for others and making the world a better place.

Well done RHPS from a very proud ex-pupil. You’re all stars!

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