Helen Martin: Me, a Luddite? I’ve lived the technological revolution

Smartphones seem indispensible to some millennials (Picture: PA)
Smartphones seem indispensible to some millennials (Picture: PA)
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TEN per cent of millennials would rather break a bone than give up their smartphone for the day. They probably think all over-60s are thick Luddites who can’t cope with change.

Having just turned 65, I’ve lived through oil lamps, gas mantles, light bulbs and solar lights; wind-up gramophones, Dansettes, stereos and downloads; steam trains, diesels and super-fast trains; plain 50s British food, dehydrated Vestas and microwave readies; and red metal phone boxes, Bakelite party-shared landlines, plastic handsets and smartphones.

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And, even at work, things have changed from typewriters and carbon paper to Tandy word processors and then computers and iPads.

Oh, and trams … to trams.

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