In season of goodwill, why do so many people need a chill pill? – Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews encounters too many people getting a bit too angry as seasonal stress boils over.
Rowing couples seemed to be everywhere this ChristmasRowing couples seemed to be everywhere this Christmas
Rowing couples seemed to be everywhere this Christmas

Not wanting to tar all us stress-heads with the same brush but I’ve witnessed a lot of people being shouted at by their partners recently.

I for one have been trying to make things as lovely as possible for the holidays and got a bit stressed so had to stop myself but also think a few others need to do the same. I’ve done my share of shouting in the run-up but managed to stop myself so let’s all take a chill pill.

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I’ve come close to handing them out after witnessing a woman go apoplectic at her partner outside Argos at Fort Kinnaird shouting along the lines of “Do you think Christmas just ******* happens?”, “You’ve sat on your **** complaining whilst I do all the wrapping” etc and various other expletives.

So to all the partners out there we’re sorry but many of us are just trying to make it nice for you.

The stress at Fort Kinnaird must have also have been rubbing off on the car parking attendants, one of whom gave me a bit of a fright when he smacked the back of my car, flipped me the middle finger and called me a silly cow and a ******* twat, all for nipping out into the busy traffic because the guy behind me was nearly in my boot. I mean we’re all stressed but come on, my driving isn’t that bad – is it?

Chill pills coming your way in the post pal – and you shouldn’t be working with the public!