John McLellan: Exposed: A municipal murder plot

Lezley Cameron, Labour councillor
Lezley Cameron, Labour councillor
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What a happy bunch our council administration colleagues seem to be. To borrow from the old cliché, the opposition is in front of you but the enemies are behind.

However, in a coalition the enemies are front, back and centre.

I wasn’t at the Fountainbridge Sounding Board, so I don’t know precisely what happened when Councillor Lezley Cameron objected to an India Quay development discussion, as reported in the Evening News yesterday.

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But you don’t have to be Jim Taggart to spot a municipal murder plot in the unattributed quotes about how unreasonable was Cllr Cameron and how conciliatory was new economy convener Kate Campbell.

I understand relationships were somewhat less conciliatory behind closed doors and Labour leader Cammy Day may be forced to find a new housing and economy vice convener, not that he has many options in such a small group.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

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