Karen Koren: Christmas spirit is in full flow, so deck the halls

Only 12 days until Christmas and the spirit is well and truly with us. The office parties have started and there are individuals going around with antlers on their heads or dressed as elves. We don't seem to turn a hair any more when there are people in the street dressed in Santa costumes or with deeley boppers on their heads.

Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:52 pm
Scott Gibson with his best newcomer award. Picture: Toby Williams

I have not put up my Christmas tree up as yet and will be collecting it from the Bethany Christian Trust on Saturday, where the money for the tree goes to good causes. Their service focus on relieving the immediate suffering and meeting the long-term needs of the homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. They don’t just work with homeless people, they stop people becoming homeless in the first place. They also support people working towards an alcohol and drug-free life in the community. Their community development builds local partnerships to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to some of the most challenging situations in Scotland’s communities. Local people come together to find solutions and build stronger communities through these projects.

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Though we can be guilty of not doing enough for the homeless or less fortunate than ourselves, it is good to know that by buying a Christmas tree it’s helping someone. So much better than buying the tree by other means and there is the option to donate further funds at the same time. I paid an extra tenner and am satisfied that I have put some money towards a good cause.

Saturday will be spent decorating the tree and the house, in preparation for greeting the family on Sunday. There will be around 18 members of the family for pre-Christmas drinks. There are two new additons, which is the best bit – seeing how the wee ones are developing and giving them little gifts.

I will then be going to London next week for Scott Gibson’s run at the Soho Theatre, where he is performing his show that won him the Edinburgh Comedy Festival Best Newcomer Award. This is Scott’s opportunity to show his talent to the London critics, they will love him, I am sure.