Kevin Buckle: Support your local high street

The ubiquitous Amazon parcel
The ubiquitous Amazon parcel
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At this time of year I always remind folk to think about supporting independent businesses on the high street but this year I’d also like to remind those who do support independents but order online that they are not Amazon.

More and more I hear from others about completely unreasonable behaviour from a minority of folk who order from an indie late one day and are wondering by the next day why it hasn’t arrived.

I get the same thing myself and while it isn’t often it does seem to be a growing problem. Another issue on the increase is that people just don’t read any of the details especially when the item is either a pre-sell or a special order.

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No matter how clear that is made, some folk just don’t get it.

So having said all that do think about supporting independents both on the high street and online. And if it is online I’m sure they will do their best to get your order to you in good time, maybe just not the next day.