Kevin Buckle: Tourist tax can't come soon enough

With hotels accused of hiking up their prices for Hogmanay, the argument for a tourist tax quickly raised its head again and it does appear most people are in favour.

Saturday, 6th January 2018, 6:00 am
Donald Anderson, the former Edinburgh council leader, has backed calls for a tax on tourists (Picture: Neil Hanna)

To be honest, while the hotel/tourism lobby may feel obliged to object, surely even they don’t really believe that a few pounds on the bill is going to affect visitor numbers in any way at all.

Whether Edinburgh council can be trusted to spend the money wisely is another issue completely, but certainly the sooner the tourist tax is in place the sooner it will be obvious that it will bring in a useful income with no negative effects at all.

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Former council leader Donald Anderson went as far as to say that a hotel tax in the capital would boost tourism, create jobs and strengthen the economy, which is a far more positive take on the idea than the hotel lobby would have us believe.

While the extra income alone would be a boost if Donald is right at all then further benefits could only be seen as a bonus.