Leader comment: Could it be Auld Reekie no more?

The Mound will close to traffic on Thursday
The Mound will close to traffic on Thursday
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THERE will be many who will see Clean Air Day in Edinburgh as a stunt by the green lobby, and an inconvenient one at that.

The Mound, part of Hanover Street and the eastern end of George Street will close to become a temporary oasis in the city centre on Thursday...the surrounding streets maybe not so much.

But it is more than just a stunt, and wherever you stand - or drive - you should take interest.

It’s clear the council is using the event on Thursday to try out its future plans for a more pedestrian and cycle-friendly Capital.

The stats speak for themselves and surely less pollution and a more welcoming environment is something we can all agree on.

Exactly how to make that happen is another thing entirely.

The interests of businesses, commuters and local residents clearly have to be to the fore, and Thursday will certainly be an interesting experiment.

We expect there to be grumbles and a degree of cynicism but also, city leaders will be hoping, a glimpse of a cleaner and greener future.

Could it be a case of Auld Reekie no more? This week will tell us much about how easy that will be to achieve.