Leader comment: Sadly, Darren Greenfield's story is not unique

Darren Greenfield was a familiar sight on the streetsDarren Greenfield was a familiar sight on the streets
Darren Greenfield was a familiar sight on the streets
THE TRAGIC story of Darren Greenfield has touched hearts across Edinburgh and beyond.

The 47-year-old homeless ex-soldier, who was a regular sight at the top of Waverley Steps, died just before Christmas in hospital after contracting an infection.

Like so many others he suffered from PTSD and try as he might he couldn’t get his life back on track.

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For his family who are grieving his loss, there is little which can be done to ease their pain.

They will, however, be proud to witness the reaction of the Edinburgh public to Darren’s passing.

As well as the outpouring of support, a Crowdfunding page has now been set up for people to donate towards the funeral.

Organisers have begun a campaign to raise £7000 to give him the send-off he deserves.

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As Tommy Davidson says today: “We just want to do our best for Darren and his family. He deserves to be honoured and remembered. Now it is our turn to give something back.”

He does indeed. Tragically, Darren’s story is by no means unique.

We have to hope that the publicity generated around his case will serve to put the issue of how we care for former servicemen back to the top of the agenda.