A campaign calling for the First Minster of Scotland to step down has flown a banner over Edinburgh - your views online

They just missed a space as it should have read “re-sign Nicola”

Saturday, 6th March 2021, 7:00 am

Sturgeon banner

A campaign calling for the First Minster of Scotland to step down over the “catastrophic handling” of the Alex Salmond case has flown a banner over Edinburgh saying “#ResignSturgeon.

Lisa Jane Rowan

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So many people saying it's a waste of money but the same people see nothing wrong with the Scottish government just wasting over £500,000 on a court case they had already been told they would lose.

Jenny Tucker Casson

Gotta say, if I saw a sky banner telling me to do something, I'd totally jump on board!

Christine Walder

I would have chipped in if I thought it would be successful.

Bobby Mitchell

What a pathetic waste of money...... they really are deluded and getting quite desperate.

Lesley Anthony

What a waste of money. Entitled people with money to waste and nothing constructive to so. How sad.

Pete Wood

That will play right in her hands. She will gain more support from this childlike stunt.

Stephen Millar

The minority does not speak for the majority, the nation will decide soon.

James Jamieson

They just missed a space as it should have read “re-sign Nicola”.

Brian Millar

Can someone see if they could do a “Neilson out” banner please!

John Stevely

Shot in the dark here . . . this was funded by a British political party with no policies, no ideas and no defence for their London masters, so attack.

Russell Stewart

Getting rid of Nicola Sturgeon is like getting rid of the school bus driver and asking one of the bairns to drive.

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Would be better flying it over Westminster – the whole Tory government should resign.

Pat Lonnie Renwick

Sturgeon should not resign, she’s done more for this country than anybody else has.

Gavin Paterson

Pretty sure that'll make her resign.

Guy Griffiths

She probably saw it but can’t remember what it said.

Susan Thomson

Maybe look at Westminster first... all the lies, chumocracy and misleading the UK parliament!

Campbell Adamson

Wouldn't it not have been better flying a banner “£38 billion track and trace”?

Smith C Karen

That is unnecessary travel Also pumping unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere.

Radisson Blu

Edinburgh hotel takes zero hour workers off furlough despite still not able to provide work

Elroy Blair

The zero hours contract is the bigger scandal. Companies can use and abuse their staff (while paying minimum wage). It’s a slippery slope now Brexit has also happened.

Stewart Wilson

I worked there when it was the Scandic Crown Hotel. Those were great years with great staff. I feel sorry for all those people who have lost their posts. Zero hours contracts should be banned.

Michał Strzelecki

Other prominent hotels don't even bother putting zero hour staff on furlough, just keep them hired on zero hours and zero income.

Alan Ramsay

Shocking! We need to overturn this zero hours contract nonsense.

Colin Forrest

Aye, as employers will have to contribute to furlough shortly! Does no-one watch the news?

Val McIver

Loads of companies already did this last year...

Dava Mac

And so the fall out begins.

Gladhouse Reservoir

Midlothian police step up patrols to combat 'life-threatening' anti-social behaviour at beauty spot

Elaine Storrie

They are just going to spoil it for everyone else.

Mark Gibson

Neds camping is not wild camping.

David Green

They just knacker it for all us decent campers – pointless, no need.

Gemma Riddles

Horrible scum who spoil with no regard for the place. This is a lovely place, been visiting for decades, also for fishing – never seen anything like this.

Sebastian Wø

Not wild campers! N o idea about bushcraft /wild camping rules.