A community survey overwhelmingly rejects Edinburgh City Council Low Traffic Neighbourhood proposals - your views online

"Because the survey, no matter how professionally done, wasn’t officially sanctioned by the council, they will just ignore it.”

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 22nd May 2021, 7:00 am
Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are proving controversial
Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are proving controversial

No to LTN plans

A community survey overwhelmingly rejects Edinburgh City Council Low Traffic Neighbourhood proposals

Sonia Rutherford

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Something’s gone badly wrong when a council consultation does not meet their own quality standards so cannot be trusted and then residents have to crowdfund for a proper robust survey which can be independently audited.

Ronnie Wood

I think if a survey was conducted in all areas of Edinburgh you would find a similar outcome. I’ve yet to meet anyone who agrees with the chaos that been created by Macinnes and McVey!

John Douglas

The same amount of traffic is being squeezed into smaller spaces and forced to drive slower by all the new speed limits. It’s not rocket science if the volume of traffic appears greater and it looks more congested. McVey and Macinnes can make all the claims they want, but due to their incompetence and wasting of money Edinburgh needs funding, so the motorist is the easiest target. Increase parking fees and make Sundays payable, low emissions zones (chargeable of course) to be introduced to city centre and of course their ultimate goal is to bring in the congestion charge.

Pauline Robertson

A middle ground needs to be found. This blanket approach to the whole city is causing chaos. Do not sell the city out to Sustrans. They don't know the city or understand as they look at a map and decide these changes.

David Hunter

Does anyone find it odd that the council’s biased survey closed long before the independent Taylor Mackenzie survey opened, and yet the TM survey results were published publicly weeks ago - but the council’s survey has still to see the light of day? What a tangled web.

Steve Pickavance

Ironic that the national government of SNP cries foul on democratic process while at a local level, the Edinburgh CC coalition of SNP/Labour/Greens, do everything to ignore it. Instead of supporting the selling and development of the green belt, not upgrading infrastructure to truly support all its citizens it pushes on with Poundland implementation, leaving gaping holes in the existing paths, roads and riddling our beautiful city with dangerous road changes, defacing the conservation areas and then preaching to us about don’t we “..want to be like Copenhagen or Amsterdam…” Those changes take real investment. Copenhagen £58m, Amsterdam even more. This council needs to be able to act for its citizens and businesses, not pour scorn and heap misery on struggling businesses.

Bear Drysdale

Unfortunately a lot of “improvements” are actually causing more problems regarding safety, congestion, pollution and making moving about Edinburgh harder. They are also ugly. Apparently, I have been told by people and have to assume it is true, that the “planters” Edinburgh council are using to close roads will not be planted with flowers etc or maintained by CEC, so they will become smelly bins.

Anne Connolly

Where are the results of the council survey? The Gem survey is very clear. I really hope the council listen to it and stop this nonsense. They really need to just stick to the basics and fix the paths and roads.

Fearghas Ó Déaghaidh

The council’s refusal to facilitate active travel on arterial roads, where people actually need to travel, rather than within sleepy/backstreet areas, is causing one crisis after another. Bonkers policies.

Tom MacDonald

This whole situation is nothing more than a huge danger, a waste of money and abuse of power by our councillors. Lots of noise, but no action, with those in power laughing all the way to signing off yet another waste of tax payers money.

Paul Taylor

Lesley Macinnes told 1000+ of us at the Gyle Park last year that "It's our fault for not understanding what's best for us." She says they have a "process" and they are following it. I say, after watching her at four council meetings, she's a misinformed zealot.

Jon Clark

The council have been told that the people really just do not want the LTN at all, so why are they wasting more of our money to deliver or argue about delivering, something the people in the area, they supposedly represent, don’t even actually want? This sounds like Macinnes and the council want this LTN and simply intend to impose it on the residents.

John Hewit

Because the survey, no matter how professionally done, wasn’t officially sanctioned by the council, they will just ignore it. Hell, they even ignore the official ones they do sanction, so this one has no chance!