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Fuel retailers failing to pass on the fuel duty cut could be named and shamed after the largest daily jump in petrol prices for 17 years, Downing Street has indicated.
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Lorna Gatens: Named and shamed? They should be fined and forced to cut prices or close down.

Calvin Cooper: It’s an absolute disgrace. The government could easily sort this out but no – they choose to line their pocket.

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Charles Pretty: They are trying to price you off the road and get you on to buses and bicycles. Something needs to be done and fast – the government should act now. These hikes are going to cripple this country for all kinds of transport and prices will keep going up and up for everything else we buy as it’s a knock-on situation. How many times have you seen prices so up and they never come back down? This country is going downhill faster now than and it ever has been for a good few years now.

Motorists are struggling to fill up their tanks as fuel prices rocketMotorists are struggling to fill up their tanks as fuel prices rocket
Motorists are struggling to fill up their tanks as fuel prices rocket

Kirsty Clark: With the price of absolutely everything rising people are just not meant to have any kind of luxury or even any kind of life these days – they are just expected to work pay their bills and stay home. Even staying at home will be hell on earth during winter as folk can’t afford to leave their homes as everything and everywhere is too expensive so they’ll have to stay in and freeze as they won’t be able to afford heating either.

Steven Sutherland: Those who cant afford the rise should sell their vehicles and buy a bus pass instead. Would make travelling by car around easier and faster for me.

Peter Anderson: Shamed? Wow. that will really affect them. Just like Boris and his cronies they have no shame. This country is all about ripping people off and everybody is joining in.

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Belinda-Jane Sinclair: This is why I gave up my car, sold it and helped my daughter with uni costs. I don’t need a car but I need her to do well without worrying about money.

Allan Walker: I run a business and require my vehicle to make money so giving it up is not a choice.

Neil Gow: I love how we are just letting this happen. In France they raised the price by 40p and lorry drivers blocked several areas of the motorway. 48 hours later the price dropped back to what it was. This country has become a bunch of wet wipes.

Robin Griffiths: If everyone only bought a tenner’s worth there would be a massive glut of fuel and they would bring down the price pretty fast.

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Sebastian We: I can’t afford diesel any more to get to work. I had to ask for a week off using holiday to save some money. This is ridiculous.

Alan Haggon: The government are making a fortune – half the price at the pump is tax.

Graham Mitchell: I strongly urge the hauliers and farmers to start standing up like they did in the year 2000.

Taylor Paul: I was getting fuel at £1 a litre during the initial lockdown. The less they sell, the less value it has.

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Frances Sullivan: How else do you think you are all going to pay back the money that the government gave out during the pandemic? Going out in the car will only be for shopping and work.

Graham Tait: A month's worth of daysaver bus tickets is about the same price as filling the tank now and that happens between two and three times a month.

Transport measures to be driven by data

Edinburgh transport convener Scott Arthur has said that data collected from a soon-to-be-removed temporary bus lane on the A8 will be used to better inform permanent transport measures in the future.

Alan Skeldon: It appears that the new transport convener has common sense while the Greens are idealistic with no sense. Increasing public transport to replace cars would cost millions of pounds in subsidy but the Greens have no idea about costs, just idealism. I'm partly optimistic with the now convener realism is the better alternative to idealism.

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Michael Allen: So it’s taking car drivers longer to get from Gogar to Newbridge. So what? That’s the whole point of a bus lane. Bus passengers will now be sitting waiting in the same traffic as car drivers on their late-running bus and will no doubt think what’s the point of getting the bus, I’ll just drive in future.

Paul McDougall: In the door two minutes and showing more progress and common sense already.