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Humza Yousaf accused of 'dangerous negligence' as Labour warns of lives at risk – Lothian MSP calls for Health Secretary to be sacked
Health Secretary Humza Yousaf is under pressure on waiting lists and strikesHealth Secretary Humza Yousaf is under pressure on waiting lists and strikes
Health Secretary Humza Yousaf is under pressure on waiting lists and strikes

Liz Macdonald

I don't think we need to take advice from Labour and certainly not the Tories. If they had an example of excellence within the UK to promote it would be helpful.

Caroline Macdonald

Brexit had caused all the staff shortages, it’s as simple as that, so blame the government for pushing it through so fast. And I think things are going to get worse.

Graeme McLachlan

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I wonder if Edinburgh requires another A&E that's easily accessible for those without private vehicles, given the size of Edinburgh, but only one A&E. Recruiting staff for it might be a challenge.

Shona Dobbie

Not only are the waiting times extremely lengthy, but the ERI is also bitterly cold because the doors open directly into it. Not to mention the disorganised chaos which resulted in a doctor losing me, even though I was sitting right next to her desk! Fortunately I was able to bring myself to her attention when she phoned my husband to enquire if I'd left!

Sheona Fortune

Minor Injuries is just as bad – six and a half hours before being seen, then one week later told to come to minor injuries again and I would be seen right away. Two-hours wait, nobody but receptionist around. It’s so sad.

Scott Brown

Yet most the hospital staff will tell you things were getting better till Brexit and the other political parties are hiding behind blaming everything on that. But things would be the same regardless of who's running it. Folk are turning up at the hospital for minor ailments, so those really in need are having to wait ages. I had to go for MRI scans and and was seen right away because I had an appointment which I wasn't late for. But apparently thousands are given appointments and don't bother to show up, so folk are sat when they could be seen sooner. Staff told me only I and two others bothered to come for the appointment that day 13 didn't and didn't bother to cancel!

Social housing

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Edinburgh MP calls for “urgent” funding to tackle mould and damp in social housing

Stuart McClelland

Social housing has never recovered from the disastrous right to buy policy. Great for those who were able to buy their own home who otherwise might not have been. The issue was and is that there has never been a building programme to replace the lost stock with high quality, desirable housing. What's left is housing in need of major upgrades and repairs that there is neither the budget or political will to tackle. House building was left in the hands of the private sector, it's largely failed as home ownership stagnates across the board and falls in the under 40s while prices rise. Time for the state to step in and tackle the problem. They won't, of course, because there is too much vested interest and many MPs and MSPs make a tidy living as private landlords.

Diane Smith

I know someone whose health has deteriorated due to a landlord’s lack of repairs and the house is lethal. All homes should be put to a standard that is acceptable if rented by private or council landlords.

Sarahjane Wood

Surely social housing repairs should be funded through the rent payments received, not by a tax payer subsidy.

Elayne Young

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Same all over the place! They need to look at many aspects re social housing, including allocation.

Audrey Finlayson

For the amount of money everyone pays the council for rent and council tax, our homes should be safe to stay in but nothing gets done – absolutely shocking.

Paul Clarkson

If repairs can’t be funded through rent and council tax, what’s the point of rent and council tax?

Scottish Budget

Opinion poll shows majority support for higher taxes on top earners

Allan Brooks

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Of course, if it doesn't affect you it sounds a great idea. (I'm nowhere near a top earner BTW). But even if we were all taxed at a flat rate of (say) 25 per cent the higher earners would pay more - 25 per cent of £100,000 is a lot more than 25 per cent of £25,000.

Albert Crutcher

A great time to leave Scotland!

LH Hammersley

Big difference between middle and high earners, huge. People on salaries, only a few grand over the average salary for Scotland are over £1k worse off in tax alone.

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