Airfares are too low says Ryanir boss - your views online

Airfares are ‘too cheap’ and will rise for the next five years, Ryanair boss warns

Richard Fogarity

So the company renowned for penny-pinching and chronically underpaying staff because they drove down prices to silly levels is now saying that they should be charging more?

Chris Poon

Meanwhile, pay an extra £5 to be able to turn your head and another £5 to straighten you legs.

Niomi Fox

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Edinburgh - Budapest (one way) for this Thursday (July 7) is £350! Too cheap eh? I'd rather say it's daylight robbery, but it's a matter of the point of view.

Janice Stienlet

Well, maybe if prices were higher service will be better.

Helenn McWhirterr

I reckon after severe financial losses during Covid lockdown, the prices are low to attract customers back. Once that’s accomplished, prices will increase dramatically.

Antiopi Mastrogiannopoulou

So I guess you will expand the size of your seats in the planes as well!

Robbie Howie

Ok, I’ll keep using easyJet and Jet2.

Trefor Williams

If they don't improve what's going on at the airports, no one will want to fly anyway!

Bryan Bdc

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Had a flight from Fuerteventura recently on one of their new planes! Decent experience if you ask me. Plenty room, smooth as you like and good on board service.

Angela Bain

Put the prices right'd keep all the toublemaking neds and their families off the flights.

Adie Roebuck

That will just let other budget airlines take his customers, the ones that still use Ryanair.

Cost of living

Fuel protests bring motorway to a halt

William Hatton

Actually blocking motorways will not get the desired goal. They need to block all roads around Westminster and those into and out of major companies like Amazon and Tesco. Only once those companies lose money and complaints start coming in to the government will anything get done.

John Hewit

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It’s a bit like a few years ago when fuel reached about £1.20 (I know, the horror!) and the truckers etc were seen as some sort of folk heroes for protesting. Oh how things have changed in such a few years.

Susanne Jeffrey

Good, more protests. It's going to get to the point where we can't afford basic essentials.

Pete Reilly McPherson

Waste of time. They did all this when petrol hit the pound and nothing changed.

Claire Kidd

Good luck to them, block the petrol stations next. As much as I hate the disruption, something needs to be done about the cost of living crisis in fuel, energy and food.

Dale Cameron

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They should join forces with Extinction Rebellion and grind the country to a halt.

Colin Hemfrey

Why inconvenience the general public? I'm sure government ministers are just laughing as it doesn't hurt them.

Pawel Kozakiewicz

Block the whole county. Do what French do.

Kris Reilly

A motorway protest we can actually get behind. Wonder if the police will be reluctant to intervene.

Police Scotland

Number applying to join up more than halves amid row over pay offer

Tommy Francis

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Not just the pay. The law has been interfered with by political influence, making current policing a nightmare.

Smith C Karen

What a surprise! The same shock that NHS staff are leaving in droves – can't think why!

Lioslaith Rose

Nobody wants to be enforcing laws that are human rights violations.

Ronnie Kirk

And yet they let so many go early and with huge payouts. Of course, that’s been stopped now.

Chris Lillie

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Maybe people have an issue arresting Joe Bloggs for things that mps get away with? Its called morals and it now looks like to be an efficient police officer you can't have morals.

Lorraine Blyth

Who would choose a profession where you are abused and disrespected by the very people you are trying to help and protect while your hands are tied when trying to apprehend the criminal elements and there appears to be less back up from the judiciary?


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