An Edinburgh resident has shared footage of a cyclist almost being hit by a driver - your views online

"3000 cyclists are either killed or maimed yearly”

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 7:00 am
Cyclist's near-miss with car on West Harbour Road, Edinburgh picture: supplied
Cyclist's near-miss with car on West Harbour Road, Edinburgh picture: supplied

Road safety

An Edinburgh resident has shared hair-raising footage of a cyclist almost being hit by a driver in the north of the city at West Harbour Road

Lesley da Fonseca

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Terrible. That it a very tight road at the best of times but I've always thought this corner a bit of a nightmare. Drivers really just need to slow down and be more patient. In a hurry, leave earlier.

Sam McIntosh

I drive every day in Edinburgh and am quick to criticise cyclists for poor road use, but this motorist’s driving is terrible, nearly hits the cyclist then accelerates away on the wrong side of the road. The constant war waged by the council against motorists sets road users against one another and unfortunately it also gives some cyclists and pedestrians a false sense of entitlement, which in some cases leads them to disregard their own safety, but that still does not excuse the behaviour of some motorists.

Graeme McLachlan

Yes, there are terrible drivers and this is an example of one. However, let's be honest. There are also terrible cyclists as well.

Paul McCall

Bad driving, but you never see the footage of cyclists cutting in front of cars.

Jairo Enrique Carreno

Happens all the time at corners. Just for motorists’ information – you don't overtake at a corner, just in case you forgot. No cyclist has a metal container protecting them. Thanks.

Dean Fleming

I can't believe so many people having a go at cyclists when clearly the driver is in the wrong. I understand cyclists can be in the wrong sometimes but that doesn't give drivers a reason to do stuff like this. Drivers can just be as bad, pulling out of junctions without looking, cutting corners and things like this story, luckily it's on tape.

Lee Birrell

Cyclists get so much hate from motorists. They think they have priority because they pay road tax. Most drivers are patient and leave space but there are some who clearly do not like cyclists and will cut you off or pass as closely as they can. It’s really dangerous!

Avril Brown

How would a cycle path stop that happening? Vehicles still make left turns and forget to check for bikes etc.

Przemek Badera

I’s just a bad driver. There are also bad cyclists. I was in the left lane when suddenly a cyclist turned left from right lane without raising an arm to indicate.

Graham Gray

It’s now extremely dangerous to cycle in most of Scotland, due to councils reducing the speed limits to 20mph, virtually the same speed as a cyclist goes. No wonder vehicles can no longer pass quickly.

Andy Moore

Please read up on the statistics, folks. There are a minority of cycling idiots versus the 16,844 accidents that kill or injure cyclists yearly. 3000 cyclists are either killed or maimed yearly. Per billion vehicle miles, the casualty rate of pedal cyclists that are killed or seriously injured is 1284, compared to a rate of 31 for car drivers. "The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge." Boorstin.

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Norma Glendinning

Although I would shout at my TV sometimes because he would not always let people finish their sentence, I will miss him! Sure he will bounce back.

Lulu Darling McCowan

I won't be watching anymore. Piers could be a pain at times but he really didn't mince his words with those who needed it at times.

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He's the only one who tried to get answers from MPs to help the people living through this pandemic, not to mention the money he has donated from his own pocket to people like our lovely Captain Tom to help NHS. He was there all the way through this pandemic and still should be there now.

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Why negative comments towards Alex Beresford – is it because he called Piers Morgan out ? It was long overdue.

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No one can replace him. Everyone is entitled to have their say. I turned off this morning, it wasn’t the same.

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Won’t be watching, it’s boring now there’s no Piers Morgan.

Gill Brown

Please god, not Alex. I’d like to see Eamonn Holmes and Kate Garraway.

Steven Young

They should liven it up a bit with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.