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"Andy Wightman tweeted part of the code of conduct for MSPs ”

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 7:00 am
Andy Wightman has tweeted part of the code of conduct for MSPs that states leaks to the media can “seriously undermine” the work of Parliament, after news broke that a bombshell committee vote had found Nicola Sturgeon misled Holyrood.

Andy Wightman deserves our support

Nicola Sturgeon has lashed out at certain members of the parliamentary committee inquiring into the Judicial Review fiasco, because they are reported, by leak, as coming to a decision she does not like.

Her accusation is particularly inappropriate in the case of Mr Andy Wightman, the independent member of the committee.

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Before he entered parliament, Mr Wightman had a well deserved reputation for integrity, honesty and a concern for the public good. That reputation has not been damaged in any way by what he has said and done in the past four years in parliament as an MSP.

Indeed, that he split from the Green party on a point of principle underlined the personal qualities that made his reputation.

If Ms Sturgeon maintains her claim that the committee majority was biased against her before she gave evidence, she is really asking us to believe that the Andy Wightman we all know, was not the one who served on the committee. She misleads herself on that.

Jim Sillars, Grange Loan, Edinburgh.

SNP MSPs are ruled with a rod of iron

A report in a Sunday newspaper stated that three members of the SNP’s finance and audit committee have resigned amid claims they cannot carry out their jobs following reports that Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, has refused them full access to the party’s accounts.

Surely even the most committed SNP supporter must be starting to question this totalitarian, secretive and undemocratic government ruled by a small cabal who believe they can do whatever they want.

Donald Lewis, Gifford, East Lothian.

Chief abuser of power is Boris Johnson

Alexander McKay (letters, 20 March) doesn’t have far to look for the worst abuse of power in western world.

Boris Johnson has broken the law, particularly over Brexit, and misled parliament on a regular basis while other UK government ministers have broken the ministerial code without resignation.

Matt Hancock has wasted £37 billion on a failed test and trace system and broken the law over secret lucrative Covid contracts to Tory donors without any tendering process, yet Sir Keir Starmer refused to call for his resignation.

As the bulk of the UK press is Tory supporting, the UK government escapes proper scrutiny.

The new BBC chairman donated £400,000 to the Tories while the Director General is a former Tory councillor. Now a former editor of the Daily Mail is likely to become the new chairman of Ofcom that regulates the BBC.

Mary Thomas, Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.

Answer to council’s housing repairs

As a former architect, I recognise the damp shown in your photograph ('Housing repairs to be overhauled', 19 March). It looks like black mould (a fungus) developing because excess water vapour in a house has found a cold surface on which to condense. The way to deal with this is to ensure that there is good ventilation.

Formerly open fires and chimneys did the job but today mechanical ventilating is necessary. Extract fans should be fitted and used in kitchens and bathrooms so that the water vapour is expelled at source. Good thermal insulation is also required.

All rented housing should be fitted with extract fans and tenants advised to use them.

Steuart Campbell, Dovecot Loan, Edinburgh.