Axe-throwing at Edinburgh bar - your views online

Boom Battle bar with axe throwing, darts and crazy golf to launch in Edinburgh's Omni Centre

Colin Scott

Can we just not get a pint like in years gone by. I hate going into all these pretentious places for a beer and coming out smelling of scampi.

Allan Redpath

I’m sure they have done a risk assessment.

Lorna Gow

What could possibly go wrong? Jokes aside, hope it does well!

Glen Logan

Sounds like a regular Friday night at the Cas Rock.

Alicia Greated

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Obviously haven't spent much time in Scotland. Booze and axe throwing in one location!

Ocean Terminal

An Edinburgh shopping centre is to be partially demolished under newly approved £100m plans to transform the Leith shopping centre.

Elaine Dewar

You cannot blame M&S for jumping ship on a dead duck of Ocean Terminal. Companies need to make a return on the areas they rent. Seems such a fast turnaround for the council to pass plans that must have been in application long before M&S's departure.

Audrey Loy

The trams have ruined this. You used to be able to get the bus right outside door, it was perfect, now you have a fair bit to walk and if it's raining you get absolutely soaked.

Paul Cuthbert

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Such potential Ocean Terminal, but let’s face it, it’s crap. Tram works have destroyed Leith along with anyone’s willingness to even drive or get the bus anywhere in it now. Businesses have suffered and left up and down Leith Walk including my own place of work. The place is actually a disgrace. It honestly pains me seeing the place I grew up and worked in for many years being totally ruined.

Lynne Cumming

For the amount of new housing and existing housing in the area, you would think doing something to make the shopping centre more attractive would be financially viable and required.

Irene Cooper

Hadn't been there for a long time because I live at other end of town. I was there last weekend and got a shock - it's practically empty.

Thomas Coyote Baxter

Oh goody. Just what that bit of Edinburgh needs.... more construction. Bet this takes 10 years and runs over budget too.

Becky Hume

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Hilarious how so much money was wasted building tramlines all the way down there as well. Love that for Edinburgh – right on brand.

Lina Yahia

Ocean Terminal is always empty and quiet anyway, so they might as well demolish all of the centre except the cinema, Nando's and parking.

Gavin Jarvie

Yes, it’s a big loss if M&S close their store and don’t reopen in the modernised post-developed centre. It’s not the death knell of OT by a long shot, though, as the new development will present huge opportunity for lots of little artisan stores and eateries etc to more than fill the void. In such a densely populated area the right artisans will flourish. Look forward to seeing it develop.

Becci Millan

I’ll never understand how they can find £100m for somewhere nobody goes, but not to build affordable housing. I’m sick of it here.

Bryan Millan

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They can’t fill the retail units in the centre. They should just demolish the whole lot and build social housing.

Keith Smith

M&S moving out is the final nail for me and the OT gets more depressing every time I visit. Sad times.

Craig Barlas

Twenty years old and getting demolished, really! Excellent news for the builders when this goes ahead. They'll (possibly) be able to get the tram directly to the building site.

RevDoc Gordon Robertson

I would convert it into a Super Club, Music Venue. But I don't have any money, lol!

Paul McDougall

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So basically, zero need to rip Edinburgh to bits to stick trams down there. Council at its best.

Lee McIntosh

I’d rather travel to Livi. I think OT is finished.

Brian Dunajski Meiklejohn

Let's face it, the capital city of Scotland has rubbish shopping centres. Gyle centre has potential as it’s all indoor. Extend that and add a cinema and more restaurants. Perfect location. Kinnaird Park is not a centre. It's a lot of shops in one area. If it rains you get soaked.

Carrie Malcolm

That shopping centre has seriously gone downhill.


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