BBC Scotland to include opposition parties in daily coronavirus briefings during election - your views online

"It should just be medical and public health professionals. She can make a guest appearance when there are any announcements to be made”

Monday, 15th March 2021, 7:00 am

Covid briefings

BBC Scotland has confirmed plans to allow the opposition parties to contribute to some of its daily coronavirus briefings in the run up to the election in May

Sally Berwick

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I think Nicola Sturgeon should just address the nation! No questions from reporters. Just give us the updates and facts and information on how we should all keep safe! Why let reporters politicise this briefing, ridiculous!

James Melvin

It should just be medical and public health professionals. She can make a guest appearance when there are any announcements to be made about lifting restrictions etc. In fact, they should just have a briefing on a Monday and a Friday. It’s pointless every day.

Leon Hendry

Should be government only. Management of the crisis is done by government. It will turn these briefings into a mud-slinging show.

Audrey Whitehead

They have no chance anyway. If people had believed them, they wouldn’t have been in opposition for years.

William Crawford

The briefings should be in parliament only.

Jim Monaghan

The BBC has been doing this for months. DRoss is a regular critic of the FM coronavirus briefings, but he shamefully press-gangs these briefings for Tory party political deflection and whataboutery issues.

Tracey Barclay

Please no. Just stop them. We can all read the stats if we want to. Briefings for changes only please.

Kevin Campbell

Nobody is forced to watch the briefings, If you don't want to watch them, then don't. Simple

Rod Hill

Let the opposition on, but proportionately to their UK parliamentary appearance in the Scottish cohort.

Robert Mcneill

What should happen is we have daily news bulletins with competent news people to state the facts. The only time we should see politicians during the campaign is on TV debating, that’s sufficient. I’ve had my fill of lies and deceit and so have most folk.

Willie Milne

What would the other parties have done differently during this pandemic? Nicola has done an amazing job through this. Remember, she has gone through the same turmoil as the rest of us. This was all new to us all and very difficult to plan for something that you have never dealt with in our lifetime. Some people need to get a grip and look in the mirror and ask, did I do everything by the book during Covid?

Andrew Davidson

So they can shout "Bad SNP, Bad Scotland, Too Small, Too Stupid.” Pointless, just like their parties. Nothing to offer bar praise for their Westminster masters.

Andi Hannah

Just scrap May’s elections. If I can’t go to the pub, restaurant, retail shops, visit relatives etc how can we be having an election in seven weeks?

Cormac Lovett

Are BBC going to be doing the same whenever Boris bothers to turn up to do a conference in England? Also if there is a Tory in the studio taking pot shots at the First Minister with no chance for her to reply, where is the balance in that?

Christina Thomson

Nicola will shine like a beacon! Bring it on!

Student flats

Developers have been given the go-ahead for controversial student accommodation beside the Union canal in Fountainbridge despite residents' objections

Ken Johnston

Surely there must be more accommodation for students than for anyone else. Time the council started insisting that every student planning application contains a minimum 20% social housing.

Elaine Haggon

Must be more student accommodation in Edinburgh than social housing.

Peter Hynd

This totally disgusts me. When are the people doing to stand up to the council? We need more affordable council homes.

Lorraine Bell

They need to concentrate on people/families that need accommodation, not more student accommodation.

Rab Sneddon

Clearly residents have no voice in Edinburgh.

Nick Paolozzi

Why don't we rename Edinburgh the "Centre for Student Accommodation"?

Emma Porter

Affordable family homes would be nice, thanks!

Scott Fraser

No surprise here..... local voices will not be heard.