Big blow for Borders windfarm - your views online

A planning bid has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council for what would be one of the UK’s largest onshore wind farms. Muirhall Energy wants to build the 62-turbine Teviot Wind Farm with tip heights of 240 metres on land south of Hawick.
Muirhall Energy operate a number of sites across ScotlandMuirhall Energy operate a number of sites across Scotland
Muirhall Energy operate a number of sites across Scotland

Robert Page

You could cover Scotland with wind farms but it still would not benefit the Scottish people. The SNP sells licences to private companies and they will still charge a fortune for energy even though the wind costs nothing. It's not too long ago that every commercial break on STV had an advert from the SNP claiming that Scotland was 95 per cent self-sufficient in energy production thanks to wind power. These have stopped recently because we are self-sufficient in zip all.

Jack Beattie

It’s funny how the Greens don’t see the problem – why make a mess of our country to benefit foreign investors? Now if it was a Scottish company making the turbines here and selling the power at just above cost that would benefit Scotland. Unfortunately the Scottish Government can’t work out how to do that, just like ferries.

Planetsx Alt

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Wind farms clearly do not work in Scotland, most are turned off. The prices for electricity keep going up. Scotland is a wind farm powerhouse so the fact that we can’t supply the power to the people of Scotland cheaper proves the point. Build new nuclear power stations and get rid off wind farms altogether.

Robert Farrell

Bloody SNP, making electricity for my car.

Bill Mcewan

Great – 60 per cent of our used energy last year came from renewables. Keep going. Renewables is one of the areas I would nationalise. And I'm not a fan of publicly-run entities. However, installing a wind farm is simple and maintenance is also simple. Once it's in and running the production costs don't change that much. If as a country we owned even half of them the government could use that capacity to stabilise energy prices.

Karina Bowlby

More destruction of the countryside

A bit of needle

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will allow cabin crew to display their tattoos. Previously, they’d have to be covered with a long-sleeved shirt, plasters or make-up.

Jeanette Cairns

They are scraping the bottom of the barrel if that's the only folk they can get to work for them and represent the company.

Karolina Rogalska

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I work in healthcare and have tattoos on forearms and many of my colleagues do too. It doesn't define who I am and what my values are but what you wrote definitely defines what kind of person you are.

John Holloway

I dislike tattoos – can't see anything attractive about them. But I fully support anybody over 18 who wishes to have one and I don't care if they fly planes or ferry the tea trolley up and down the aisle.

Lorna Davidson

I don't see the need to cover tattoos up unless they are offensive.

Sarah Thomson

It is about time. There’s been discrimination against tattooed people for too long

Nicholas Burns Cumming

One more reason not to fly Virgin!

Sharon McGaw

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This will be because most people have tattoos and they are so short-staffed.

Queen of Scots

Nicola Sturgeon has spoken of her “deep respect” for the Queen as celebrations continue for the Platinum Jubilee.

Jennifer MIlne

The SNP government has stated it would keep the Queen in an independent Scotland yet totally ignores the Platinum Jubilee. Sturgeon is down there partaking in the festivities yet did nothing to encourage participation by the citizens of Scotland. They have actively snubbed the Jubilee and then she comes out with a glowing review of the Queen's reign. The hypocrisy is shameful.

Ian McAlpine

Oor Nicola is in an awkward position. Once independence is secured Scotland will have a debate on the subject of the head of state. Cut her some slack.

Chick Macdonald

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No let's have that discussion now so we know exactly what independence means. Certainly not after the event

Stewart Dredge

If, after independence, most Scots want Scotland to be a republic then we will be a republic. That’s what independence means.