Big queues for Edinburgh's Christmas Market - your views online

Huge queues and 'an hour's wait' to get in, despite Omicron fears

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th December 2021, 7:00 am

Alex Monaghan

Many, like myself, were walking on the road because the pavement was too congested. Why hasn’t this shambles been closed? Greed!

Claire A A Eadie

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Folk are daft if they are queuing to get in there!

Malgorzata Pankowska Zak

If you are not feeling safe, stay at home. Let other people live a normal life.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Edinburgh plc. Run by Underbelly. That market is a total rip-off and the same every year.

Patricia Templeton

Mask wearing isn’t required outside, but why would people ever put themselves in that situation? Too many people all herded together … let alone that the market is a pile of over-priced tourist toot.

Christopher Law

No wonder it’s popular, every other business has gone bankrupt. Nowhere else to go.

Gary Morwood

As we all continue with obeying the restrictions, it’s absolutely amazing how many Chinese visitors there are in Edinburgh at the moment.

Aleksandra Segętowska

I just got back from the Christmas Market and I did spend there half day. There weren’t massive queues. But standing in queues for the booster is safe!

Leanne Stones

When will they learn, people will do want they want? We were told to get double vaccination, most did; stay outdoors if you can and we are.

Angie Grainge r

We travelled into town the other night. We decided to give the market a miss when we saw the queue. Went for a walk to see the lights in the Square, George Street and up the Mound to the Castle instead. Well worth it and all for free!

Tony Stamp

An hour - that's short for the time I had to queue at Ingliston for my booster and flu jabs - 1.5 hours.

David Suarez

So they cancelled Hogmanay and keep the market open?

John Keating

I was so disappointed I couldn’t go to the football at the weekend to push, shove and catch covid. I decided it would be better to get my covid dose at the council-sponsored gathering at the market. Nothing like obeying the council and following the science. I even cycled there in one of those empty cycle lanes.

Liz Crosbie

This makes me angry. Hundreds of people there and we had our Xmas dinner cancelled where I live last week – and there were only going to be 43 people there.

Graeme Archibald

Should have been shut...... Greed, that's why.

Debbie Low

Why would you even want to? I hope they were all vaccinated, wearing masks and socially distancing from each...however, I doubt it.

Ian Robertson

Went earlier in December – a nightmare to get round. I was trying to push a wheelchair as well – not very well policed.

Tam Bruce

I take it Sturgeon forgot to cancel the Xmas market? Only 500 allowed at football matches, but hundreds waiting in the queue for the Christmas marke. What am I missing? Rules are a farce.

Katie Brand

Only had to walk along Princes Street and you could go in one of the smaller gates. That's what we did – the queue outside was huge and unnecessary.

Leigh Hogg

How is this the only Christmas event you don’t have to book to visit?

Jackie Cullen

Went on December 23 and there were no queues.

Grant McDermid

Just blame the football fans, that will be easier.

Susan D Murphy

It's not worth it..the market is rubbish.

Margaret Day

Why go to a Christmas Market after 25/12? I know Christmas is 12 days - but surely all the buying is done and we now get time to relax and reflect?

Paul Cuthbert

Shutting it would break the council’s heart … imagine the lost revenue

Annette Smith

Not last Monday - it was pleasantly spacious and we could walk about without tons of folk there.

Bryan Wood

Folk are daft queuing to get in but it’s outside so what’s the issue?

John Hewit

I spent the afternoon at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Now THAT’S a Christmas market! No queues either. Admittedly having the vaccination app was a waste of time as it barely got a glance.