Brexit, floods and Covid could lead to shortages of chips and roast potatoes in the UK - your views online

“Any fruit and veg left to pick or dig, get the Brexiteers to do it.”

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 8:00 am
Vegetables, including potatoes, were the crops most affected by the slow start to this growing season.

Food shortages

Brexit, floods and Covid could lead to shortages of chips and roast potatoes in the UK

Chris Storey

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Surely we grow enough potatoes here without creating a massive carbon footprint via importing them. That’s why I never buy them from M&S, as they come from Israel. Evidently not a shortage of new potatoes though as it’s chips and bizarrely ‘roast potatoes’ in the headline.

Scott Fraser

Any fruit and veg left to pick or dig, get the Brexiteers to do it. Save the staff shortages and British jobs for British workers.... blah, blah.

John Keating

Can we not grow our own spuds in the many planters we have? Should keep the city going quite easily.

Marysia Adams

Grow our own. We are an island and need to learn as we did before to grow as much of our own food as possible.

Steven Harris

Just as well there’s plenty tatties here in Scotland from the likes of The Potato Guys.

Liz Rae

Another Tory win!

Patricia Anderson

Buy Scottish potatoes and make your own chips and roasties.You don't have to buy them ready prepared. If you don't know how to do, it ask your granny.

Alberto Alvarez

Taking back control guys! Enjoy!

Sandra Campbell

Just chips and roast potatoes, so mash is safe!

Ally Brown

Might sort out the obesity crisis.

David Black

What next? Pandemics, global warming and now nae chips.

Meat tax

The idea of a carbon tax on meat has been suggested to help combat the effects of the meat industry on climate change

Kathryn Shearer

So long as there is also a tax on products using palm oil and any other foods which are seeing habitats being destroyed so that "food fads" can be met!

Brian Dunajski Meiklejohn

Good idea. Maybe just tax meat that comes from factory farming. That would bring it to a similar price to free range, organic meat from small homesteads. If they were then the same price, people may be more inclined to buy healthier meat and factory farming would have to change its methods. I am vegan but don't think the solution is to totally stop farming meat. Just the methods.

Ruari Campbell

We all ready pay taxes on our taxes, is this really necessary? Will it change anything? Or is it just punish the meat eater?

John Mcnicoll

If farmers don’t produce cattle for beef do you think each farmer will keep hundreds of cows or sheep as pets? No. There will be no cows or sheep in the countryside. People will have to visit zoos to see cows or sheep. So because vegans don’t want us to eat meat, millions of animals won’t be born.

Lewis Kinnear

That's fair enough for meat imported from abroad, but locally produced meat such as Aberdeen Angus beef should not be taxed since it has far less transport emissions than importing meats from abroad

Mariusz Piałucha

We had this in the past, when lords had their own forest where they could hunt. Peasants caught poaching were sentenced to have their hands cut off. Now again, only the rich will be able to eat meat and the peasants feed themselves on kale and potatoes.

Margaret Quinn

If we pay any more tax we won't be able to afford to eat at all.

Louise Davie

While everyone debates, the world collapses. We will run out of time if serious measures are not taken and things are decided for us. It is possible to survive without meat.

Steven Robertson

Eat locally grown food and stop bringing in avocados from Mexico, asparagus from Peru, sugar snap peas from Kenya etc. Eat locally grown Scottish produce in season like turnips and carrots in winter!

Russell Brand

Why not tax avocados instead as they have a higher carbon footprint than locally sourced meat?

Gavin Whigham

Don’t know if tax is the answer, but we need to scale back on red meat for health and environment.

Leanne Catto

Doesn't stop people drinking, why would it stop people eating?

Ian Duncan

Definitely not. We already have working families that cannot afford to buy food and rely onfood banks.

Lee Paterson

People who eat meat will still eat meat.