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Who is the most famous person you have met in Edinburgh?

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 7:00 am

George Oliver

I was fortunate enough to have a pint with Ewan Bremner (Spud). Met Brian Cox (actor-Bourne films) and David Cronenberg (Canadian film director) when I worked in the cinema. I also met Sir Edmund Hillary, first person to climb Everest!

Gillian Barr

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Peter Ustinov when he did a one-man show at the King's Theatre.

Flo Broderick

The Jordanaires, Elvis’s backing group. Got a photo taken with them at the Usher Hall in 1980s. Only here-for one night fabulous. Show

George Kerr

Tommy Walker when he was manager of Heart Of Midlothian.

Hugo Ballantyne

Ronald McDonald in 1997, he gave me a free cheeseburger voucher!

Jacq Stewart

Tom Lowndes, the Hot Dub Time Machine superstar DJ.

Mark Cameron

Ella Fitzgerald - early 80s on a plane from Hamburg to Edinburgh where she’d play the Edinburgh Playhouse. I offered her a sweet, oblivious to who she was, and when she passed me in the arrival hall in Edinburgh (to a piper and red carpet) she ruffled my hair and said “ah, it’s my little candy giver”. My parents were in awe - I still hadn’t a scooby who it was.

Cimeon Benaicha

I sold Lily Savage (aka Paul O’Grady) two pairs of thigh high boots years ago when I worked in Shuh, also got his autograph! He’s a size 9 – lol!

Susan Andrews

Nick Campbell, who happens to be on The One show just now!

Alistair Adamson

The director general of the Bank of Scotland, the guy whose signature is on the banknotes. I was an apprentice fitting a carpet at head office. I was told to ask for a brush and dustpan, I knocked on the first door I came to, a voice said enter! I asked for brush and dustpan, he pressed his little tannoy button and said “Turner, please furnish this young man with a brush and dustpan will you?” I thanked him and left. A few days later I recognised his name on a ten pound note – manners maketh the apprentice!

Lyndsey Houston

Suzie Sweet from Ballamory in the lift at Jenners.

Helen Blackburn

Kenneth Kaunda when I was a student at New College and he was speaking in the General Assembly Hall.

Dougie Turner

George Melly and Richard Wison. Mr Wilson was looking a bit fed up with the number of folk shouting "I don't believe it". I said "look it's Eddie Clockerty" (from Tutti Frutti).” He stopped, turned and gave us a wee smile...

Sarah Crowe

The Fonz in Mother India.

Kathleen Demi

Martin Kemp, the Sugar Babes, at the Assembly Rooms in 2009. Oh, I also met Dionne Bromfield who was Amy Winehouse’s god daughter that night too – she was only 13.

Stevie Ross

Paul McCartney, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones from The Clash; Kenny Dalglish, George Best, Robbie Coltrane, Jools Holland, Alice Coooer and David Attenborough.....not all at once, coz that would've been some party!

Sheila Carlyle

Kenny Buchanan, John Hannah, Margo MacDonald and Jocky Wilson, all in different parts of Edinburgh. Kenny mostly in Leith pubs!

Arthur Morrison

Bon Scott/Phil Rudd of AC/DC (Royal Scots Hotel 1978). David Coverdale (Deep Purple and Whitesnake). Used to drink with big Wattie Buchan from The Exploited in The Clock Inn before Hearts games.

Alan Elden

Burt Lancaster in the Woodville restaurant in the late 70s.Couldnt believe a Hollywood icon stood next to me waiting to be seated.

Blair Nelson

I got DJ Paul Elstak's autograph at Rezerection in Ingliston, that trumps everything!

Frederick Michael Hessler

Yannis Varoufakis at the Book Festival, Gerry Butler and Tony Curran (x2) at the Film Festival.

Nikole Spiers

Prince Charles came to Craigroyston High School, maybe 2010/2011 - unsure why he was there, tbh.

Carole Hume

Albert Finney at the stage door when he was in a play in Edinburgh.

Kevin Brennan

For me, Ian Hislop, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, Noel Gallagher, Bill Bailey, Neil Gaiman, Dylan Moran, to name a few. It's hard to keep track sometimes but lots of big names have been through the airport.