Budget cuts - your views online

Further cuts within the Scottish Government’s budget are set to be finalised over the coming fortnight, with the UK Government set to announce details of its ‘mini-budget’ next Friday.

Kevin Black

They should cancel the budget and help the people of Scotland with the cost of living. They don't need to worry with their big wages and what they claim on expenses.

Bill Mcewan

Whatever the SNP do you can be sure they will make a right mess of it. An elderly family member had to go to A&E on Monday. He was told there would be a six-hour wait at Kirkcaldy hospital. Scotland already runs a huge defecit despite being the highest taxed part of the UK. Only the SNP can fail like that. Public services will just get worse.

Buchanan George

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There has never been a better time for Scotland to start taking care of her full economy independently. Time for independence and complete governmental reformation.

Bert Petrie

Nicola Sturgeon said there would have to be cuts to pay for the large pay rises the unions negotiated. We need independence now.

Gerard Keegan

These SNP cuts are to offset wage rises in the public sector. That’s despite them reporting an underspend and surplus of many hundreds of millions of pounds every year since 2007. Last year alone they failed to spend £650 millions of our own money!

Cold allergy

A woman with an allergy to the cold which means she needs to maintain a constant temperature in her home says the £2500 energy bill cap is not enough

Susanne Finlay

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This is a real illness as I have it. It also goes along with autoimmune conditions. Can be quite painful,

Stacey Robertson

My daughters has Raynaud’s syndrome. Even in summer her lower legs and feet are purple and freezing cold. In winter she gets chilblains and her hands and feet feel like they're frost-bitten.

Mo Connolly

This is a real thing! I know a few people who, due to medical problems, react to cold weather badly. I have rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes my fingers have turned blue, but it’s not extreme.

Eileen McBride

I wonder why she was photographed in a short sleeved T-shirt? The rule in our house has always been first put on more clothes, and if still cold, turn up the heating.

Lynda Graham

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I am allergic to the cold air as well. I used to womder why I was always covered in small, red blotches that would turn itchy on my neck my arms whenever it was cold. It’s called ‘cold urticaria’.

Tricia J Patterson

I feel I've got the same problem. Constantly freezing. Especially hands and feet. No laughing matter. Mine is so bad, I even feel cold in the summer.

Louisa McNally Campbell

My son is allergic to hot and cold. He has medication and clothes that help with both issues. As long as the temperature is controlled this can be made to work.

Maggie May

How about wearing a really good, warm woollen sweater?

Lana Shul

Cheaper temporarily to live in a warm country and to work online.

Alastair Browne

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How can anyone be "allergic" to temperature? I feel the cold terribly myself, but I don't pretend that I'm allergic to low temperature.

Kirstin Kenn

I have fibromyalgia. Yeah, it's really bad in winter but I havea hot blanket and thick PJs and socks to help keep me warm and a hot water bottle.

Alison Cairns

My daughter has the same condition. She spends all the entire autumn, winter and spring on antiihistamines. She too has to keep her house warm or her skin has a reaction to the cold which makes life very irritating.

Mairi Brennan

So go and live in Spain . . . Oh, wait a minute, you can’t because of Brexit.

Roger Federer

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Roger Federer has announced his retirement from tennis at the age of 41.

Sharon Murray

Must definitely the greatest of all time – a true gentleman.

Sheryl Ternent De Klerk

Doing the right thing at the right time! All the best for the future, you have been magnificent.

Angus Macarthur

Outstanding sporting performer! Like Ali and Ronaldo he had that little bit extra which made him stand out head and shoulders over his peers!