Bus drivers working for East Coast Buses, part of Lothian Buses, 'rely on foodbanks' because pay rates are so poor - your views online

"It’s shocking that anyone has to use food banks, but particularly for workers”

Monday, 31st May 2021, 7:00 am
Drivers at East Coast Buses are paid over £3 less per hour than colleagues working for the main company

Working poor

Bus drivers working for East Coast Buses, part of Lothian Buses, 'rely on foodbanks' because pay rates are so poor

Chris Jordan

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Should be paid the same across the company, although if people stopped knocking about in cars that are financed to the hilt and far beyond their means, there may not be so much of an issue.

Sean Mackay

They knew exactly what the pay was gonna be before accepting the job. Can always go get another job instead of moaning! Also see when they start making a profit anywhere near to Lothian Buses then they’ll have a reason to moan about pay. Not happy, then see you!

Tracy McKeown-Stewart

What’s the difference between them and a train driver? In fact bus drivers actually have to drive. Their pay shouldn’t be any different.

Eddie Connor

If you consider the job they do and the responsibility, the pay and long hours are horrendous. And for this you do not get a living wage.

James Mcivor

The responsibility with a driving job outweighs the cost of wages. You could wipe out a generation of a family in one go in an accident. The wage they pay is terrible across the whole driving industry.

Scott McIntosh

I would have loved £10.88 an hour when I was a wage slave.

Pauline Morgan

Try being a carer on £9 per hour.

Bryan Wood

£10.88 per hour - more than I get paid as a kitchen manager and I manage to feed a family. Headline should read "Bus drivers live outwith their means, look for someone else to blame".

John Smith

Not just bus drivers - many people rely on food banks these days in Scotland.

James Borwick

Work 50 odd hours and only get paid 39 hours. Meanwhile at Lothian, £14 per hour and paid all day. The job is exactly the same. Its been like that for years, though. Not going to change anytime soon.

Stuart Bertram

Thought they advertised jobs at £30k a year on the back of their buses?

Katy Mcintyre

Still should be getting the same as Lothian. Doesn’t matter the circumstances.

Liz Mcgaw

I agree all should be paid the same, but using food banks? Come on, millions are surviving on minimum wage.

Chanel Paterson

I'd be quite happy with £10.88 per hour.. try minimum wage at £8.91.

Martin John McIntosh Tait

It's shocking – it used to be a well paid job. They increase the fares yet drivers now get a lot less.

Nicky Hamilton-Smith

Minimum wage is not enough to live on.

Shug Cumming

Where the hell is their union! Get it sorted Unite.

Colin Robertson

So you're doing the same job, having gone through the same training, plus working various shifts. Why are East Coast not on the same salary as Lothian? Answer, no difference ,so both companies should be on the same rate.

James W Quinn

£10.88 an hour isn't much if paying rent, paying for a car, food, clothing, plus children's activities etc.

James Wilson

Just saying. Check out what the bosses get paid. And huge bonuses. Disgusting.

Stuart Winton

Sorry for them having to use food banks, but there’s plenty other drivers jobs.

John Cromb

Shocking that anyone has to use food banks, but particularly for workers.

Mark Cairney

I consider driving a bus a skilled job as you need a PSV licence and there’s the risk factor. It’s also unfair that different parts of the same company are paying different rates for the same role.

Lee Anderson

Come and be a black cab driver and earn £6 an hour. I'm eating what the seagulls leave behind – it's brutal.

Twitter abuse

SNP Women's Convener Rhiannon Spear lifts lid on Twitter abuse following anti-UK comments

William Crawford

If you spout hatred then don’t be surprised when hatred is then spouted at you. What lesson can she learn from this? Try engaging your brain before opening your mouth.

Ruselle Gardiner

The childish tweet deserved a backlash. The SNP are responsible for spreading their anti-UK and racist attitudes towards England, which seems contrary to their new law against racism.