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Bus journey times have not been affected by the controversial closure of a temporary bus lane on the A8, the council says
Traffic on the A8 was said to have reached gridlock.Traffic on the A8 was said to have reached gridlock.
Traffic on the A8 was said to have reached gridlock.

William Hatton

Edinburgh City Council have a very long history of doing practically everything they can to slow down privately owned cars and vans. They have been on a mission to try to make the city centre virtually buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians only. Edinburgh City Council threw the dummy out the pram when they overwhelmingly lost the public consultation on the introduction of a London style Congestion Charge back in 2004. Since then it's been a case of them against motorists.

Dava Mac

Maybe the council will now reopen George Street at Hanover Street and Waverley Bridge to ease congestion, with North Bridge still being closed.

Belinda Wilson

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Invest in building new roads with bus lanes, rather than trying to squeeze in bus lanes and cycle paths onto existing old narrow roads which are hazardous for everyone.

Kathy Aliberti

Well colour me surprised. Useless bus lane now proven to be useless. Now repaint the road and put the speed limit back up.

Jeff Little

And cars still won't enter it at 3am on my commute from Edinburgh to Livingston..clearly marked use both lanes. Removing the lane markings might help – who knows.

Craig Hamilton

Traffic is a lot better along that stretch now, should never have had it in the first place. It’s hardly a Mecca for buses, that stretch of road.

Chloe Miller

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Bus lane in operation, was taking me 26 minutes from park and ride to Newbridge roundabout. No bus lane, now takes me six minutes.

Alex Dickson

Take the rest out and I think you’ll find the same, and cars will be able to travel faster and pollution will drop.

George Hamilton

Rubbish, the City Link bus was about half an hour late getting through it yesterday at about 6pm.

John Steele

At last someone is starting to use common sense. That's novel!

Jo Ostlere

So when are they going to re-open Silverknowes Road?

Anne Scott

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The bus lanes on the A8 at airport aren’t on all day. They are only on at peak times when traffic is at the busiest. Thought it was to prevent traffic going in and out of Edinburgh and to use public traffic.

Susan Walker

Now get the speed limit back up.

Tory leadership

Tom Tugendhat has been eliminated from the contest to become the next Prime Minister after the latest Tory party leadership vote

Scott Fraser

Now it's down to the extreme right wing deadbeats. Spoilt for choice here are the Tory fanatics.

John Williamson

The public are getting what they deserve by allowing the Tories to get in, whether it was by voting or corruption. The Thatcher days were the early warning lights but still somehow the tories got back in. Britain is a laughing stock now and what country would want to do any real business with it unless they only want to take from it?

David Barr

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I want my money back! I brought in half a ton of popcorn for the next bunfight of these selfish, self- interested Tories, all flame throwing each other, letting the whole country see what Toryism is about when you peal the scab off. Oh joy, fantastic stuff showing what a band political of con merchants they all are.

Alan Bennet

It is like deciding which limb not to chop off!

Barry Kirk

Ooh great, which self-interested right wing lunatic are "we" going to get forced on us next?

Lillian Wells

So now we have two cowards who chickened out and two also rans. Great choice.

Edinburgh snub

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has refused a request from city council leader Cammy Day for a meeting over Scottish Government funding for the Capital

Steven Robertson

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Scaredy-cat… let’s have a bed tax for tourists. All the other major European cities have it, it’s considered normal.

Ian Munro

Pathetic from the so-called finance secretary, maybe because SNP not running Edinburgh now.