Cab firm video challenges council over Edinburgh road scheme safety fears- your views online

"How very dare a wheel-chair user go out in the city. I mean, if you aren’t cycling then the ‘spaces aren’t for you people’.”

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 7:00 am
A taxi driver and wheelchair user attempt to negotiate the new road layout

Road safety

Cab firm video challenges council over Edinburgh road scheme safety fears

MoKev Mckenzie McKay

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And when someone is seriously injured or killed they will role out that condescending term “lessons will be learned”, by which time it will unfortunately be too late!

Martha Spence

What planet does this clowncil live on? Any man and his dog can see what a disaster this scheme of theirs is, an accident waiting to happen. Roads in our city are in such a poor state but they decided to spend money on this ridiculous project which most people did not want. But once again they do as they please, with no consultation with the public who pay for all their vanity projects.

Jamie Heseltine

Finally a decent video with perfect examples of how dangerous this could become and George IV Bridge is a prime location where this scheme just does not work well. They took away bus lanes, which were fine for cyclists and did the job, and have merged bus traffic, deliveries and taxi drop offs all with normal traffic flows. It's chaos.

Dani Dinwoodie

How very dare a wheel-chair user go out in the city. I mean, if you aren’t cycling then the “spaces aren’t for you people”. This is spaces for cyclists at the expense of the other people who actually need to use it. This example is on a fairly quiet day, by the looks of things. What happens in two months time when everyone is back to more normality, cafes and restaurants etc are open and need deliveries? It’s going to be carnage.

Jayne McGill

I think we all deserve to get a list of all the councillors who voted in favour of these road changes and insist we get a public meeting for all of them to explain how on earth they think this is acceptable. Followed by their resignations!

John Lamb

The council assured the residents, retailers, the Murrayfield Community Council and the council's Environment and Transport Committee that it had done an assessment on how a new cycle way would affect air quality and human health in Roseburn Terrace. A subsequent FOI request established that it hadn't done either of these. If the council claims it has done something - check! Ask to see the reports.

Brian Endicott

The arrogance of the council spokesperson and Cllr Doran is beyond belief – in effect, every incidence is someone else's fault, nothing to do with the clowncil's mad scheme. Someone will get hurt or sadly lose their life, its only a matter of time. Everyone really needs to remember who's responsible for this shambles come the elections.

Kevin Connolly

The council has come up with an excuse for every single one of these scenarios, from blaming the cyclist for not slowing down. Cyclists cannot even stop at a red light, so there is no danger they will stop for a taxi passenger exiting a cab. The driver of the illegally parked car, which happens every single day on roads, and the bus drivers for not getting the line correct when moving back over at the correct angle after passing the taxi at the floating parking space. These floating spaces are an accident waiting to happen and when it does, let's see how quickly the council blame those involved rather than the road layout.

Karen Du Plessis

When, not if, some poor soul is injured or worse, the council should be sued. They have deliberately and willfully ignored the obvious safety hazards of this ridiculous concept.

Fiona Quin

They are not temporary measures, they are there to stay. I hope none of their family need the emergency services. Are they then going to blame them for not getting there? I hope the council is prepared to have blood on their hands when any serious accidents happens and people begin to sue them.

Angela Astor

On Dalry Road cyclists have to stay in the car lane then enter the cycle lane from the narrow traffic lane where two buses can hardly pass each other, so have to slow to let the cyclist reach safety. I wonder if any "expert" has viewed the situation. A bad design, so no reason to blame road users. Excellent video – better to consult experienced regular users for ideas.

Ruth Durie

I'm sure there will be tweaks, but with large numbers of new cyclists around, the cycle lanes are welcome security.

Susan Randall

On Ferry Road at the turn off to Arboretum Road if someone is turning right you now have to wait behind them as there's no space to pass on the left as a result of the bollards. This backs the traffic up just now when the roads are still relatively quiet! That's just one minor example and I've still to see a cyclist in the lane.