Campaigners have slammed Edinburgh City Council’s ‘hopeless’ designs for pavements along the tram lines on Leith Walk - your views online

"How about the disabled? We are sick to death of cars and bikes getting everything.”

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 7:00 am
Narrow stretch of pavement
Narrow stretch of pavement

Footpath folly

Campaigners have slammed Edinburgh City Council’s ‘hopeless’ designs for pavements along the tram lines on Leith Walk after it emerged the paths are so narrow they don’t meet the council’s own minimum standards.

Stuart Young

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So in plain, the trams project will fail planning regulations. These footpaths and roads belong to the public, not the local authority. The project will go ahead illegal or otherwise.

Brian Monaghan

Were there not trees down the middle of some sections of Leith Walk which were ripped up last time the tram fiasco works were happening? Even though the council knew then they would force the tram down Leith they spent millions widening the pavements, only now to rip them all up and leave a bare minimum of space. Really encouraging healthy walking lifestyles there, eh?

Colin Fraser

C’mon now, where are the spaces for the people?

Laurence White

Oh no, where are the cyclists going to go now?

Alison Martin

How about the disabled? We are sick to death of cars and bikes getting everything. Council have made life harder for those who struggled in the first place. The council should be given walking sticks and a wheelchair and see how they get on with the streets and pavements of Edinburgh. I do believe we are becoming a no zone area for the disabled.

David Nisbet

Imagine trying to get the twins double Maclaren buggy down there.

Tim Wight

People in wheelchairs are completely screwed. Between the poor pavements, lack of ramps and cars parked on what little footpath there is, they have a terrible time. This council has no interest in real solutions. Just astounding incompetence in the planning department.

John Keating

Underused cycle lanes, extended pavements where there are extremely few pedestrians, now this. Council said they’d consulted locals and others including the complainants. So why are they complaining? Joke of a council and their vanity projects.

Graeme Robertson

Just par for the course for these council bufoons. Glad its council leader Adam McVey’s own area - the folk that decided to vote him in can live with it.

Margaret Drummond

They must be expecting a lot more pedestrians at the bottom end of Constitution Street than Leith Walk, judging by the width of the new pavement!

Artur Lubuski

Who cares about pedestrian rights? Definitely not a local council. Trams are the most important thing in Edinburgh, according to the council. They should focus on sorting road surfaces all around Edinburgh first, yet they prefer trams over any other important investment.

Ian Mycko

They just do as they please and are never wrong. Elections are coming!

Isobel Dunn

We have got the same problem in Constitution Street. With the trams, there is not any room to walk - they don't care.

Emma Docherty

It’s wider than a lot of pavements in Edinburgh.

Howard Merritt

They'll soon be 100 per cent successful at destroying central Edinburgh’s retail trade.

Denise Johnston

Does anyone know who in the local community was consulted?

Carol Pake

This is appalling, especially for a main thoroughfare. Spaces for people when it suits them! Who can we complain to?

Michael Gordon

Yep, you'd never get a scooter or bicycle on there safely with people, eh?

Willie Anderson

Where is our transport convenor Lesley macinnes to explain this? She will not face the people of Edinburgh.

Sean Findlay

As long as they are within two metres, then now’t to see here. There's pavements all around Edinburgh like this, yet people who have buggies or prams like trains give you a look as if to say you shouldn't be here !

Ser Glynn

I remember this 15 years ago. Harmed businesses and closed a lot yet they only paid out £4k. Some businesses were bringing that in in a day. Cheek.

Robert Ayr

Perfect amount of space..... for a stick man!

Karen Mac

Looks like the pavements are back to the original size... as long as only pedestrians use it, all should be fine.