Car engines idling - your views online

Should Edinburgh be cracking down on drivers who let their engine idle?

Stuart Young

Edinburgh needs to sort out all the dead end roads and ridiculous things that have been done to purposely create congestion. After that, idling wouldn’t be an issue.

Charles Peters

Motorists tend to be very triggered by any advice for them to be less self-centred and more aware of those around them. Approach with extreme care!

George Bathgate

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The new vehicles with the Euro 6 engines don’t harm anyone when idling. So you can’t fine anyone for nothing.

Dougie Reid

Not all petrol/ diesel cars produce that much emissions on idle compared to starting up all the time. And most vehicles produced prior to EVs don’t put out the emissions that people think. As for busesand HGVs idling, they use AdBlue and more to reduce emissions. Also, for their braking systems they need to build up air pressure.

Paul Cuthbert

Cars spend a hell of a lot more time idling because of the council’s Spaces For People crap… Commiston Road is a fine example!

Julie Logan

Five coaches parked opposite Edinburgh Festival Theatre yesterday waiting to collect folk from the show. Drivers out chatting to eachother, four out of the fivehad their engines idling. This happens with coaches all the time. The council are aware and have done nothing. No wonder Nicolson Street is the mostt polluted street in Scotland.

Geoffrey Sampson

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I travel through from Glenrothes to Edinburgh only when Hibs are playing, as this is cheaper and more convenient for going through with my family. On Saturday we travelled 32 miles to about half a mile just short of the turn off to St James's Centre car park in 48 minutes. To travel the next two miles took nearly half an hour. All those cars, buses taxis with engines running. Until all the road and tram works are complete and you do away with bike and safe passing lanes you will have a massive emissions issue. If it were not for the football and that is increasingly questionable I would never go to Edinburgh, where I was born and used to love going. I feel for anyone needing to travel around Edinburgh.

Elizabeth Moffat

Because they are at temporary lights.

John Davies

And who on earth are the enforcement team that can’t control parking, let alone anything else?

Robert Howlieson

And who will enforce it? They can't even empty the bins or deal with parked cars on Greenways.

City council alliances

What will the new city council look like?

Bill Whyte

Here we go again, five years of total mismanagement of our once beautiful city; five years of dirty streets, cratered roads and unsafe pavements; five more years of car-hating street closures and the death of the city centre!

Ken Jobling

Labour should not go into a renewed coalition with the SNP.

Martin Allan

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Keep the poor people out of Edinburgh, they are so undeserving and unsightly – I mean, they have no money to spend!

Kevin Duff

I’m so relieved I’ve left Edinburgh. This is seriously frightening for the city’s tax payers and population. “Chaos In The Capital Continues”.

Jimmy Watson

Another complete disaster. Road restrictions nobody wants; parking charges at your work and anywhere else that they dream up; craters not just potholes in the roads and tram extensions that nobody wants and the council can’t afford when there is a completely satisfactory and reliable bus service.

Graeme Allan

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Doctor Who

Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa will take over from Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord in Doctor Who

Louise Fallon

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He’s a great actor, so much so that I had no idea he was Scottish! I’m sure he will do the role justice.

Graham McLeod

I hope for his sake that he isn't saddled with the poor storylines and unnecessary number of sidekicks that Jodie had to put up with.

Jo King

Dr Who is a fictional, shape shifting alien, anyone can play the Dr! Ncuti is a tremendous actor, BAFTA award winner and in one of Netflix top shows. He was born in Rwanda but as a child fled the war and was brought up in Edinburgh and Dunfermline.

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