Celebrity queue jumping - your views online

This Morning bosses have denied Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had 'VIP access' to the Queen’s lying in state

Andrew Littlejohns

These two have become a couple of jumped up ‘look at us’ so-called celebrities. Thinking they’re too special to wait with the public, who made them the ‘celebrities’ they are today. Why is anyone surprised that these two would think they had to stand for hours when they could pretend to be working for This Morning? Make your report but then stand in the line with everyone else. Philip must be one of the most self righteous people on TV. Lost their way and now believe their own hype. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Jennifer Lyle

Doesn't matter what Phil and Holly do, it's never right in some people's eyes. Does it really matter if they skipped the queue or not, they paid their respects. I don't suppose they held the queue up for that long.

John Munro

They are not journalists, they're TV presenters.

Yvonne Ramage Hutchison

Maybe standing in queue with everyone else, would have been better media coverage for them to report right up until they saw the Queen’s coffin!

Mark Ewing

Either way, they had the right to say no and stand in the line no matter what so-called status they are. They’re no better than anyone else and their TV company make excuses for them. Horrible people that made the wrong decision but more likely not bothered about the whole thing. Shame on them.

KD Markham

If I was daft enough to want to stand in a queue for 12-16 hours to see anything I would have done the same if I could.

Sara Twigg

It would have been lovely to see them queue with the common folk and film their journey for their segment.

Alex Monaghan

We will wait and see if the relevant footage appears on their programme.

Steven Kernan

I find it odd, that at one point the queue was halted for a short period of time, sev en hours) and then all the pics of celebrities paying their respects appear.

Angela Reed

I coluld not believe these people queuing 14 hours to see a coffin.

Lucy Yvart

"And after the break, folks, is how you can win your loved ones funeral...! "

Davie Chalmers

Yet a couple travelled from Harrogate, he had a broken back, blue badge holder! Both he and his wife were 70ish had queued for 12 hours because the mobility/disabled entrance was closed.

Steven Grieve

I don't think anyone should have had preference to jump the queue. including MPs and their hangers on families. That shows more disrespect to the people of the UK than anything.

Gillian Gray

Defo think it would of been better coverage if they had filmed waiting in the queue like everyone else.

Kathleen King

What VIP access? Thousands queued to pay their respects. I was under the impression there was one queue. Do the consciences of these TV faces who think it’s okay to jump past ordinary people not bother them? No principles or integrity. Shame on them and others who did the same.

Alan Ramsay

What would Gordon the gopher be saying to all this? Wonder if he was in Phil's pocket?

Jean Donnelly

What an excuse! I will watch on Tuesday. They are a disgrace and any others that did that.

Graeme Flynn

There is a media area for the world’s media and for things like this! I don’t get what’s so hard to understand that they were asked to do work for the following day’s show, did that and therefore went in via the correct area. Anything for a moan they days! Get a grip.

Strip clubs

Glasgow awards licences to lap-dancing clubs months after Edinburgh ban is announced

Audrey Loy

Shame on Edinburgh Council - people out of work because you decide this for everyone. These clubs/pubs have been there for years and no problem - we are going back to the dark ages.

Douglas Lamb

Well done Edinburgh City Clowncil, force the girls out of work! The pubic triangle at the top of the Grassmarket was popular with stag parties as well as hen nights! I have been a taxi driver in this city for 40 years and I have seen some bad desitions.

Keith Noble

I went to a strip club in Glasgow but at the age of 76 they would not let me take my clothes off.