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"Those who chose St John’s as the new Edinburgh Eye Hospital location are blind to the consequences”

Is this the blind making the blind?

Those who chose St John’s as the new Edinburgh Eye Hospital location are blind to the consequences.

When I was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) 11 years ago, I panicked because I knew people who had become blind rapidly. Themiracle workers at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion (PAEP) have prevented further sight loss.

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The average age of an AMD patient is 80. Many have to use public transport, a serious challenge for those with limited sight and infirm, wherever the new hospital is.

Stand at St John's and count arrivals by bus. Do the same at Little France and observe the difference. Imagine frail patients at some location, Leith, Tranent or Dalkeith and ask Google how to travel both ways using public transport. Compare Little France and St John's.

A UCL study of missed appointments due to Covid for AMD patients from 27 health authorities showed a 50% increase in the rate of patients being registered blind. For many in the Lothians the wrong location will have the same effect. St John’s was chosen to save costs; how many preventable blindnesses is that worth? Not an example of the ‘build- back better” we are promised!

Blindness is a personal disaster, a severe stress on family and a cost to society - £30,000 per patient per year. It takes 150 becoming blind only one year earlier than they would have to equal the saving. A minute fraction of the 83,000 outpatients the PAEP treats every year!

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Please lobby your councillors and support MSPs like Daniel Johnston who spoke passionately about the issue at Holyrood.

The Eye Hospital helps people of all ages. Fight hard to preserve our centre of expertise.

Prof Malcolm Atkinson, FRSE Pencaitland,East Lothian.

Cherish Eye Pavilion, don’t close it!

As an Eye Pavilion patient for over 20 years I have benefited from their specialist skills including laser treatment and delicate surgical procedures.

Eyesight is the most wonderful sense and our Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh is recognised as an international centre of excellence which we should cherish and not close down.

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In this 21st century society it is scandalous that the SNP government are even considering destroying this valuable service before a modern replacement is provided. I hope our city council supports councillor Lezley Cameron's campaign to stop this short-sighted destruction of this vital facility.

Paul Nolan, Co-chair of Edinburgh Eastern CLP.

Celtic v Rangers game is unnecessary

While the rest of us have suffered and behaved with no football to attend, both sides of the Old Firm have broken rules – players and supporters.

The SNP government will be loathe to take action as Glasgow is a bedrock of their support, so why does the SFA not take the bull by the horns and cancel the March 21 game? The league is won, the game means nothing, to ensure no more repeats of mass disregard of rules, each club is fined 20 points.

Scott Miller, Coillesdene Ave, Edinburgh.

Identify E-scooters

In the rush to encourage greener transport politicians allowed E-scooters on our roads E-scooters have recently been banned from Newcastle city centre from 11pm to 5am. Other cities undergoing trials experienced similar anti-social behaviour.

E-scooters, electric bikes and bikes should be licenced, have insurance and be identifiable.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

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