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When is the right time to take down your Christmas tree?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st December 2021, 7:00 am

Sandra Hood

It's been so dark, I’m considering leaving it up till January 6 as it's only thing with colour in sight. Things are gloomy enough without dark days with no colour.

Nicole Williams

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Sometime between 2-7 January … although everything has been a bit crap this year, leave it up and make it a winter tree. Lights are nice, Covid is not.

Mac MacIntyre

Twelve days. The first day is December 25.

Miranda Maxwell Baird

I would’ve taken mine down already but the bin men aren’t doing the street collections until early January, so I’ll keep it up until then.

Helen Skelly

Taking mines down on December 31 - always done that.

Melanie Grafham

Bought ours two days before Christmas, it’s staying up till the needles start to drop! LOL.

Jennie Godfrey

6 January every time at Epiphany. It only goes up Christmas Eve or the day before.

Viviane Carter

Traditionally I would leave it up till 6 of January (Epiphany) but I usually take it down a few days earlier between 1-3 January.

Nikki Kenickie

Ours are down. I was getting sick of all the clutter.

Kay Mcgraw

After new year. It makes me laugh that those taking it down early are those who had it up from November!

Moira Cowan

Twelve days before and 12 days after, which is 6 January.

Ali Wilson

We bought our tree a week early this year, so it was wilting slightly by Christmas Day. Gonna try and spin it out for another week. Love real trees though!

Garry Hamilton

My cats started taking our tree down bit by bit 12 days before Xmas.

Lesley Dryden

Twelve days of Christmas starts on 25 December. Xmas trees have nothing to do with Xmas – a German invention, ooh Prince Albert!

Sonia Beveridge

Already packed away in the attic, everything taken down on December 27.

Natalie Black

I just wrestled my real tree out of the house while spilling water everywhere out of its water reservoir - bath humbug.

Flood warning

Edinburgh Council urged to deal with flooding causing accidents on Newhaven Road

Irene McIntosh

All hard plants, trees, strips of garden to absorb water. You would think that with global warming, we would be learning lessons by now.

Shug Douglas

Be good if councils would unblock the drains before heavy rains or clear them more regularly, it would help against flooding.

Smith C Karen

Scottish water have confirmed that the resurfaced roads these days are not scraped properly 1st which means that the road surface is raised, taking up capacity on the road for rain water drainage. This has also happened in North Gyle, where proof of this can be seen around the manhole covers which have subsequently broken up all round every edge.

David Kyle

Drains can’t get cleaned for the Spaces for People bollards.

Stevie Cumming

Drove past this tonight, I was tempted to get the fishing rod out the boot.

Frank Brown

Too busy building houses and plumbing all the drains into the same auld system. Nobody makes any money out of fixing drains, so way down the priority list.

Michael Anderson

Council couldn’t deal a deck of cards. They are useless unless it suits them.

Joseph Thompson

They can't afford to. Spend all our money on bollards and road narrowing. Load of bollards!

Alan Logan

A nasty dip and so near the Water of Leith.

Sandra Ronald

Been happening for years. It’s near my house. It will be away tomorrow.

Graham Gray

Get all the drainage cleaned out.

David Black

The drainage programme doesn't exist, the same as street cleansing with brushes doesn't exist which results in the drains getting blocked. Just look at the leaves etc in the guttering.

Christopher Solley

Morningside earlier this year is outdone by this.