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Plans to expand speed limit to 90 per cent of Edinburgh roads. Many 30mph roads in Edinburgh will see speed limit cut to 20mph
Edinburgh's roll-out of the 20mph speed limit was promoted by super-hero mascot The Reducer. Picture: Greg Macvean.Edinburgh's roll-out of the 20mph speed limit was promoted by super-hero mascot The Reducer. Picture: Greg Macvean.
Edinburgh's roll-out of the 20mph speed limit was promoted by super-hero mascot The Reducer. Picture: Greg Macvean.

Maureen Willis

They don’t need to try because all the road works have traffic going at about 20mph anyway. It will just cause more congestion anyway. Stupid idea!

David Coutts

Stupid. But the vast majority of drivers will simply ignore it anyway. The road cameras don't work at under 30mph and polis Scotland doesn't have the manpower to enforce it.

Mary Laird

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I don’t drive but have seen cyclists overtake cars while I’m sitting in a car. Will they be fined for speeding down the hill?

Sylv Mercer

No one does 20 except buses, so what's the point? Plus with the amount of roadworks you’re lucky to do 5mph in most parts of Edinburgh, it's a nightmare.

Gus Stewart

Ferry Road? London Road? I dream of going faster than a crawl on either of these.

Mark Fairbairn

It’s not like you can get over 20 anyway because of either traffic, roadworks, roads closed for nowt or potholes that look like TNT was used.

Rab Kerr

All very well, but how are they going to police the zones?

CB Thomson

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They want everybody off the roads. I don't belive this is down to just safety. It's being told what to do by the back door. Designed to make it not worthwhile having a car anymore.

Morag Smith

Why not make the limit on the bypass 10mph as well or make everyone have an accompanying fore-walker carrying a red flag? Perhaps we could make everyone have a horse and carriage?

John Smith

Says it all when the police don’t enforce it, or even adhere to it themselves. Total waste of money, needlessly slowing down the local economy.

Paul Harvey

What's the point? The only time anyone ever slows down is when they can physically see a police car or speed trap. Lanark Road was reduced to 30mph a while back - not that you'd notice, as they still drive at least 50-60mph if the road is clear. Perhaps any drivers who think this is justified would care to try to cross the road in such conditions and then comment on whether it wouldn't be easier if people drove a bit more slowly. See how many buses you miss!

Charles Oxley

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Where is the funding coming from to enforce this city wide? If they don’t enforce it, It will be ignored.

Mike Munro

I imagine it’s so they can generate cash and also to force people out of their cars to use public transport.

Tina Hewat

Side streets yes, main roads no, as it’s going to add to congestion causing more pollution!

Colin Brown

Good. Cities are for people, not just cars.

Qatar World Cup

Fans will not be allowed to buy alcohol around World Cup stadiums in an apparent U-turn from officials on the relaxation of alcohol controls in Qatar.

Margaret M Kingsbury

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Hopefully staff have been trained to recognise and treat the DTs.

Cassandra Moon

"It is understood it will still be available in VIP and other wealthy guest areas" Nice. The poor don't get beer, but the wealthy people definitely do.

James Stuart

It was a con job to make them look more inclusive so FIFA could make it seem that Qatar were worthy hosts. There was never any intention to allow the sale of beer at the stadiums.

Derek McDonald

Fans could give the money saved from not buying beer to the slaves who built the stadiums.

Colin Syme

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Well, apparently it’s going to be the equivalent of £15 a pint, so they can ram it.

Linda Anderson

It’s all about the game, not the beer.

Alice Foster

Welcome says the sign. Not really, your money might be, but not you.

Dorothy Brown

Why does this not surprise me! It should be banned at all football fixtures.

Stewart Winton

They should never have been considered for the World Cup, due to the treatment of people that don't conform to their laws.

Archie Dempster

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Just don't go to the matches and demand a refund, as they changed the condition of the service.

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