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Tyre Extinguishers Edinburgh has again targeted SUVs in the Capital

By The Newsroom
Friday, 3rd June 2022, 7:00 am
Environmental activists are targeting SUVs in Edinburgh
Environmental activists are targeting SUVs in Edinburgh

Tom Young

Cutbacks in courts and police services will probably ensure that they will never be caught when the government are pumping millions into ‘climate change ‘policies. Get your plastic forks in the bucket today or you will be in serious trouble!

Mark McWilliams

Anyone else see the irony here? They claim to worry about the environment then leave bits of paper on the windscreens. Thus having used paper, toner, plastic and electricity and forcing car owners to use to more energy sapping equipment to re-inflate. It seems a flawed system.

Sam McIntosh

Envy is a terrible thing – let’s stop people owning what I can’t afford.

Jilly Pips

POV - “It should be viewed as anti social behaviour.” "It’s definitely a nuisance and a danger to people, as well as causing alarm.” I think the activists think exactly the same about local pollution and climate change.

George Oliver

Disgusting behaviour! What if these people who own these vehicles are essential workers such as emergency services or are carers or have responsibilities to pick up children from school or nursery?

Iain Lancastle

If a heavy SUV rests on a flat tyre for any length of time it can damage the tyre. There is also a risk to the valve in the tyre.

Deborah Campbell

Wasn’t it SUV drivers who were making sure carers and nurses got to work in the snow to care for the sick and elderly? I honestly hope someone catches them in the act!

Roy Lockie

These muppets are targeting the wrong people. It’s the big corporations and governments they need to be challenging, not the people who are trying to make ends meet by working for a living!

Ian Black

They did a friend of mine’s tyres. Yes he has a 4x4 but works on a wind farm and needs it to get up to the turbines.

Peter Tostgi Chamberlain

Sounds like they’re smart in the way they do things. Can’t see it making much change, though. If they are indeed the daft rich people who buy pointless cars not needed in a city, they’ll just buy a new tyre, which means more tyres will be made which causes more pollution, and the old tyre will be burnt most likely too. Hopefully they find a better way to do things.

John Fraser

This is against the law and the people doing it need to be caught and punished.

Theador Rodriguez

How is deflating tyres going to make it impossible to own one in a city? Have they never heard of portable pumps? Not very well thought out and what if the owner came back?

Krisztian Koczo

As an SUV owner, I would be raging if this happens to me. Especially because my car's emission is so low that I pay only £30 road tax a year.

Wullie Horsburgh

Yep, sounds about right. Then a big recovery vehicle or tyre fitter arrives with a compressor to re inflate them – save the planet!

Paul Mc Dougall

No doubt someone catching them and dealing with them will be caught and punished far quicker.

Negri Punton

They want to go protest at the dealers selling these cars, not innocent car buyers.

Steve Carruthers

All the CCTV in Edinburgh seems to be working a treat…

Gordon Gillies

Ridiculous when people may require them for family members who are unwell or need a larger vehicle for access reasons.

Julie Starr

Like animal activists, they should target the source not the end user… protest outside manufacturers.

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John Hewit

It was very much a return to the Scotland of old. All their recent form has left them.

Stuart William Anderson

Robertson was terrible, looked very leggie and didn't control the rest of the team. Just kept humping the ball up the pitch – frustrating night.

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Didn’t deserve to be on the losing side but unfortunately, very little in the way of protection or talent in front of him.

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Ah well look on the bright side, all those Ukrainian flags thar Scotland bought in the Euros can now be used again.