Commercial waste being dumped on Edinburgh streets is 'utterly unacceptable' - your views online

"Seize their vehicles, freeze bank accounts and also make the culprits clean up their mess”

Friday, 5th March 2021, 7:00 am

Fly tipping

Commercial waste being dumped on Edinburgh streets is 'utterly unacceptable' says local councillor Ashley Graczyk

Rosie Sime

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It’s not just the city centre or Edinburgh in general, Midlothian have flytippers leaving rubbish all over the place. People seem to think because we're in a lockdown they can dump anywhere, its an eyesore wherever you go.

Mo Connolly

It’s happening in Clovenstone too! There are six communal bins for the residents from the flats to use, but I’ve noticed a lot of builders’ rubbish. There’s been broken tiles, a wash hand basin, cupboard doors dumped recently, as well as old furniture and carpets. The environmental wardens are aware, as I have noticed big yellow stickers, but as soon as it is cleared up,another load of stuff appears. This is obviously happening at night. Do they think that just because it’s Wester Hailes it’s acceptable? Makes me really angry.

Christopher Arkle

They need more suitable punishments - seize their vehicles, freeze bank accounts and also make the culprits clean up their mess (but with no protective equipment). Surely they could make a TV show out of it too.

Tim Wight

We need stronger and harsher penalties and some decent enforcement! How about government and council actually getting to grips with this issue.

Lisa Thomson

The council could to a lot more. The regular wheelie bins are not emptied enough, the litter bins are the same. It cost s a lot of money to use the dumps and because the council do very little to stop trade waste being dumped, it makes no sense not to dump it. I think Edinburgh is probably the mankiest city in Scotland.

Natalie Ryan

When I lived in Dalry this happened all the time. Never known a city like it. It would be washing machines and mattresses just left on main streets.

Warren Donaldson

It’s allowed because the council do nothing to prevent it. Possible deterrents = Minimum fines, a court appearance (laughable and a day out for some) and even when they do the justice system does nothing. Ends up costing the genuine tax payer the money to foot the legal bill and the collection of the rubbish. The other curse is the takeaway rubbish that’s thrown from car windows. This is scene at every roundabout and my god it’s everywhere. It’s simply the new norm and nothing can be done to stop it.

Sebastian Wø

I will never understand how people can do this in their surroundings. Do they just like to live in the dump?

David Kyle

You used to be able to take a commercial van to the recycling centres, go on the weigh bridge, dump your stuff, back on weigh bridge, pay some money (£50-60 approx). But they stopped that. You now need to go to NWH at Seafield and pay £160 plus vat per tonne. Cheaper getting a skip but not always viable.

Kevin Grant

The boomerang Police Scotland will come back every time with “not our problem”.

Adam Van

Absolutely shocking. It doesn’t cost a fortune to get it transported to the recycling centre!

Graham Gray

Open the recycling centres, and let all drop off for free.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Residents in Leith who received handwritten letters through their door from Jehovah’s Witnesses members as young as ten-years-old have branded the move ‘sick’

K Grace Rogerson

I challenged a couple of JW who were going round the doors with young children who had an obviously rehearsed speech about being one of God's children. They didn't take kindly to me questioning their motive in using youngsters and that I would report them for exploiting children. I wasn't the only one and I believe they stopped bringing children around.

Gillian Manning

This is the saddest religion. I hate that it involves brainwashing of innocent children.

Tim Wight

A strange cult which delights in the misery of others. It is also a theology of exclusivity that exploits its own members and uses mental abuse and coercion. You don’t see them healing the sick, feeding the poor, supporting refugees or donating their time to good causes. They are obsessed with the end of the world and their belief that only a small number of people can be “saved”. Yet another nasty version of christianity from the US.

Jayne Elizabeth Dalgleish

A great religion Now you can watch your kid die before allowing them to have a blood transfusion.