Commuters face six more years of misery at the Sheriffhall roundabout despite the expected go-ahead for a flyover at the notorious junction - your views online

"For safety and reduction in pollution, and safe route for cyclists, please get this flyover started asap”

Monday, 6th September 2021, 8:00 am
An artist's impression of the proposed Sheriffhall roundabout flyover.

Sheriffhall roundabout

Commuters face six more years of misery at the Sheriffhall roundabout despite the expected go-ahead for a flyover at the notorious junction

Shirley Spear

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The City Bypass has got nothing to do with bringing more traffic into the city! It is all about providing a major link for a continuous flow of heavy-duty vehicles, work vans and cars, around the city and onwards on their journey. It keeps traffic OUT of the city. Until we find an alternative for the transport of essential heavy goods and people going about their daily work, the City Bypass is essential. The queues that build-up on the approaches to Sheriffhall create massive pools of pollution. They also cause stress to all drivers which is dangerous too. As my (long deceased) father said when this road finally opened many years ago, “It should have been three lanes and is not big enough to deal with future traffic.” Every time I am stuck on the bypass or queuing at Sheriffhall, I think of those words. Get real councillors! When did you last use this route for work?

Ali Baba

I don't believe it would bring more cars into the city. What it would do is reduce congestion and therefore emissions. But the council will do whatever they like.

Ian Toghill

There's a clue in the pass. Whoever planned that roundabout or indeed the whole bypass with roundabouts with lights, was useless. I could tell when it was being built that it was just going to end up a big car park. Chose the cheap option other than flyovers.

Liam Brown

The traffic at Old Craighall has got worse since the traffic lights were added. This flyover will only make old Craighall even worse, and won't help with congestion at Straiton and Fairmilehead.

Chris Jordan

Ironic that the scoping and tender phase takes longer than the build - these timescales are farcical.

Paul Bailey

Claire Miller’s view for the Green Party shows a complete lack of reality. She says a flyover is “unnecessary” which is total nonsense. She says it would be expensive and prefers the money to be spent on pavements and - yes, you have guessed it - cycleways!

Dave Ritchie

Should have been like this in the first place.

Zara-Leoni Ford

Hundreds of thousands of houses have/are being built in South Edinburgh and they all have car(s) judging by the driveways. Not one thing has been done to improve the roads in the area to handle the extra traffic. If he thinks they are all going to be walking and cycling to work he’s deluded. Then we have the need for emergency services not to get stuck in traffic jams, and the fact that traffic jams increase pollution and are bad for the environment. I’m not an SNP fan at the best of times but they have sold their soul to the devil with this merger, all so they can try for a second referendum.

Paul Cuthbert

I’m sometimes on it six times a day and never go into the city. Edinburgh’s a bombscare now that the City of Edinburgh Council have destroyed it. No one goes in unless absolutely necessary. The bypass needs upgraded to motorway status from Old Craighall to Hermiston Gate with those roundabouts needing flyovers also. Only going to get worse with the amount of houses getting build on the greenbelt.

Kyle Robertson

If it’s anything like the M8/73/74 or A9, it'll be slow getting it up and running, but what a difference on these roads now. Get it built!

Dave Scott

Nope, there is little that can be done to sort out the road network now, in my opinion. None of the roads, bypass included, is designed for the level of traffic on it. Only way to sort the traffic problem is reduce the number of cars on the road.

Callum Rowley

The bypass needs at least an extra lane in each direction. It was out of date before it opened. All this flyover will do Is let the cars queue up quicker with a longer tailback. The slip road onto this flyover will tailback to the main road stopping other still causing tailbacks on all other roads

Mary Deans

For safety and reduction in pollution, and safe route for cyclists, please get this flyover started asap.

Pamela Dobbie

How exactly does Cammy Day think improving this bottleneck will bring more traffic into the city? It’s a bypass!

Oak Tom

If it was Japan or China it would be done in weeks not years!

Gary Shillinglaw

Unless people learn how to filter onto the bypass properly and/or an additional lane is added either side, then this will make very little difference.