Controversial plans for a new Edinburgh Airport access route are set to be refused by council planning chiefs - your views online

"Something needs built soon. Access to the airport and Highland centre is a disgrace”

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th August 2021, 8:00 am

Airport plan

Controversial plans for a new Edinburgh Airport access route are set to be refused by council planning chiefs

Gary Morwood

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I asked the question of why the drop off/pick up toll was introduced and was informed by the airport that it was to fund this road.Now it has been refused can we assume they will now drop the tolls? Won’t hold my breath.

William Manson

Now the airport should have applied for this under Spaces for People. It's the only one that would do us any good.

Dale Cameron

Why would the council sanction a new road when they want everyone to use their expensive train set?

Graham Gray

If the airport wants to reduce pollution, open the barrier and stop charging to get backl Every vehicle that has to stop at the barrier to get out after dropping off causes even more.

Henry Campbell Gillan

A wise decision that given the climate crisis and emergency. Flying will have to be severely curtailed. That, and for the same reason, mass car use will have to lessen too.

Paul Burgess

Something needs built soon. Access to the airport and Highland centre is a disgrace. A country road to an international airport. Get it upgraded ASAP.

Sherifhhall flyover

Plan should not fall foul of a move to environmentally friendly travel

Scott Mccubbin

If they think trucks will be battery powered shortly they don't live in the real world. A lot of trucks are double shifted, no time to charge up. Off topic from the bypass, but needs to be gas trucks or diesel.

Ricky Markham

This is way overdue and I believe it’s worse for the environment to leave it as it is!

Janet Hammersley

The amount of pollution being pushed into the air by cars and trucks creeping up to the roundabout must be huge. It needs measuring. A flyover would be much better for the atmosphere. Greens need to get real. You can't have everyone on a bike and it seems to me that a lot of the traffic going around Sheriffhall is long-distance, not local.

Scott McDiarmid

The whole bypass needs to be full three-lane motorway with hard shoulder,

David Carr

All it will do is push the problem further down the bypass. Fundamentally the bypass stopped being fit for purpose year's ago. Unless we all suddenly work from home and don't venture outdoors, then you have to use it!

Callum Rowley

Great, now the bypass will back up all the down to the A1. The whole bypass needs an upgrade. If anything Sheriffhall actually works right now as it filters traffic onto the bypass.

Craig Hughes

The whole bypass needs a formal review. Sherrifhall is just one part of the issue, all the slip roads onto the bypass cause delays.

Steven John Cuthill

Roads are not the problem, it’s the cars on them. In 20-30 years time when the majority of cars are no longer powered by fossil fuels, we will still need the road capacity and infrastructure spending.

Steven Oliver

Now the SNP are going into a formal coalition with the Greens you can kiss goodbye to any chances of Sheriffhall getting a flyover. It's not a question of when it will be built and more like a question of when it will be scrapped.

Scott McDiarmid

Tonnes of exhaust fumes generated at this bottleneck every month. Get on with it and link the A1/M with the M8 (no roundabouts) while you're at it.

George Smith

From the plans it looks like they are still putting lights on the roundabout, which defeats the purpose of a roundabout, so they haven't solved the problem. They should have joined the A6106 where the A68 ramps and roundabouts are. Danderhall area is pretty much going to become a town soon and and the council think a flyover will make all the issues go away.

Gordon Robertson

Twenty years on, and still having talks about putting up an overpass or doing something like the Gyle/Glasgow Road. Must have money to burn as they deliver more plans on the plans that they have already done.

Alastair Jack

I understood that the reason it was made a roundabout was that the ground in that area was liable to subsidence, making the construction of a spaghetti junction, or even a simple flyover, unsafe.

Kyle Robertson

Zero emission buses will still get caught up in the traffic, get the thing built!