Could Edinburgh's Sheriffhall flyover plans be scrapped as part of Greens deal with SNP at Holyrood? - your views online

An artist's impression of the proposed Sheriffhall roundabout flyover.An artist's impression of the proposed Sheriffhall roundabout flyover.
An artist's impression of the proposed Sheriffhall roundabout flyover.
"This is an essential improvement to a nightmare roundabout. It will get rid of miles of stationary traffic.”

Flyover plans

Could Edinburgh s Sheriffhall flyover plans be scrapped as part of Greens deal with SNP at Holyrood?

Lisa Collins

We need to do something to ease the traffic, it’s horrendous at most times of the day. If they want to scrap it, they need to come up with a better solution. I personally think a flyover is a great idea.

Peter Blyth

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Sat in this daily when I was back in Tranent for a few weeks. It's even gridlock on the weekend and worse than you would get down here in Engerland. The traffic lights are out of sync also. Even more traffic will be created by Blindwells, so worse to come.

Kenney Mccoll

Every driver who has ever been on the bypass knows when they put a new roundabout it was a was of time and money before they even started. A flyover or underpass was and is the only way to go.

John Keating

Trams out there! Unbelievable. Why don’t they just use the bypass as a car park and get thousands of “Just Eat” sponsored bikes for motorists to go to work? Anyway it’s about time the Greens stopped messing about and just joined the SNP. Keep all the halfwits in one place.

Aaron Afshari

It should be scrapped and they should just add another lane on each side. The bypass was at capacity by the time it was finished being built 30-40 years ago.

Stevie Donnelly

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So basically it's the tail wagging the dog. The Green Party weren't voted into power but they can force the SNP to do what they want.

Mark Hewitt

Greens must live on a different planet. The buses from Dalkeith etc have to sit in this traffic, so even their precious public transport is inconvenienced. Add to the fact the park and ride is inside the bypass and people have no choice but to navigate Sheriffhall. The Buccleuch estates are planning to build an industrial estate in Sheriffhall as well, compounding the problem.

Mark Watt

This is an essential improvement to a nightmare roundabout. It will get rid of miles of stationary traffic improving not only the efficiency of the bypass but air quality as well.

Gina Mcleod

Cut congestion and therefore emissions ... why would they want to stall that? I used to live in Newtongrange and the daily commute from Edinburgh was a nightmare. Sometimes backed up onto the A1!

Alex Bogdanovic

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I use it twice a day like a lot of people will and the roundabout itself, people just don't seem to understand it. Always lane changers drifting across the lines, horns going every time you pass it and the congestion from Granada and Millerhill is terrible. If you were able to cut out the bypass traffic with the flyover and slip roads, it would make such a difference for people getting to and from Midlothian, not to mention have a free flowing bypass, well until you get to Straiton junction.

Dot McGillivray

Bonkers! Improve the road structure around the outskirts and that will lessen the stationary queues through town, especially at peak times.

John Monaghan

Wave goodbye to a functioning Scotland if it does. This should be the number one priority and to bypass Gogar too. The bypass is now at a standstill almost all day. All junctions need upgraded to motorway standards. And any fool who thinks different clearly has no common sense.

Kevin Connolly

So the Greens would rather traffic was stationary, belching out fumes waiting to go through Sherrifhall. Kinda defeats the purpose does it not? A flyover would reduce standing traffic and exhaust emissions. Let's see how desperate Sturgeon and co are.

Gavin Dove

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Anything to try to ease the congestion on the bypass is a good thing. Only thing missing in this artist drawing would be a three-lane carriageway.

Gordon Jackson

The congestion at the moment is causing the Greens’ major enemy - air pollution. But that doesn't matter when you can make life difficult for everyone.

Donald McLaren

Just get on with it and do the job. It is typical Edinburgh – five years planning, 25 years arguing, eventually doing it and many years complaining that it has been done.

Henry Campbell Gillan

It would be sensible to scrap it. At the moment it is acting as as a control valve on traffic. Remove it and the traffic would merely hurtle on to block up elsewhere. There are plenty jams well away from Sheriffhall at Lothianburn, Baberton etc. The problem seems to be too many cars on a finite road system.

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